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Ghost Cat (and Other Things)

Alicia, South Dakota, USA
December 2002

Compared to some other stories I've read here, my experience was no where near as bad as some. I've been debating whether or not to tell this to you at the risk of sounding "not right".. But if that happens, at least I know I'm in great company.

My experience happened last month (Nov 2002) . It was 4am and I had just laid down in the living room on the couch after getting my baby girl a bottle and back to sleep. I live in an apartment building and it's so small that you walk into the door and to the left is the living room and look to the right is the dining room. These 2 rooms are the most important and where "it" happened.

Anyway, I had just put my head on my pillow when I felt a long haired cat jump on my face ( I was facing away from the dining room at this time). Then it Heard it purr. Mind you we can't have any pets except for fish or birds. I could feel it's long fur brush across my face. I wasn't scared but just so calm. {The only long haired cat I ever owned, named Taz, I had back in 1994 but had to give him away when I moved.) I then turned and faced the dining room and saw little dots of light ( for lack of a better description) by the dining room wall. I stared in awe and wonderment for a few minutes at the dots of light then turned back to my pillow, once again feeling the cat. I quickly turned back to the dining room and saw again some dots of light, only fewer now. I watched them until it all disappeared. Smiling I laid back down and went to sleep. Happy and Contented.

I also had a another experience in Oct 2002. I was laying down on my bed for a nap because I had been up with my daughter the night before. Now my bed is pretty old. It was my father's lets just say that. It was a metal bed with vertical bars on the headboard and the footboard. Under my mattress is a old spring mattress.. that squeaks to no end with the "slightest" movement. I was laying on my stomach, my face buried in my pillows to block out any sunlight. I wasn't moving, just laying there. when suddenly my bed jerked back and forth as if being pushed, Hard, from the foot of the bed. With my face still buried in my pillow, I told my 4 year old son , " (J) leave me alone. Mommy needs to sleep." I settled back down and once again my bed moved. I lifted my head to tell my son to please leave mommy alone, when I saw .. no one. Now my 4 yr old is not too fast and I would've seen him, even a fast of him , if he tried to run. Plus the bed was too big and heavy for him to do that. I called him into the bedroom and my husband yelled back that he was watching a video and that he was there the whole time. Hmmmm. Who was it I wonder? I think ( personally) it was my daddy who was killed by a hit and run driver, 2 weeks after I had turned 3 yrs old. I hope it was..because I miss him terribly.

Sorry it was so long. Hope you enjoyed reading it. And Keep up the good work here!

Alicia, South Dakota, USA
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