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Ghost Couple

Tiffany, Kansas, USA
December 2001

A few years ago, my best friend Derek was left in charge of taking care of his parents' house in Kansas while his father was stationed in Arizona with the military. It was a large old house in one of the old historical neighborhoods in town. I ended up moving into the house with my friend and we both shared the duties of keeping the house in order. The family dog was also staying in Kansas to keep Derek company. It was a large house and it could get quite lonely being in it alone.

After I had gotten settled in I started noticing strange sounds throughout the house. Most houses make little creaks as they get old and settle. I wasn't really concerned at all until I began to see the dog behaving strangely.

She would sit in the dining room and just stare at absolutely nothing. Sometimes she'd whine and paw at the air, or bark loudly. I'd check to see if she needed to be let outside or if she just wanted more food. She didn't want either of these things. All she would do is sit there, staring.

At night, when I'd be in the house all alone, I'd hear what sounded like footsteps on the stairs. I remember a few times when I'd swear I'd hear the back door open and close, or hear someone walking around on the veranda. I told Derek about it and he said that his sister, Vicki, had also heard things in the house and he had also noticed the dog's strange behavior.

His sister moved back in after she was finished with school for the year. I was excited because I had been dying to talk to her about all the strange things going on the old house. Vicki practices white magic and is one of those people who is very in-tune with the spiritual world. I knew that she would probably have a few stories to tell about the house. I was very right. She had come into contact with the spirits that haunted the house on several occasions. She had summoned them before and found out that their names were "Charles" and "Constance". They were a couple that had lived in the house probably a hundred years ago. Charles was a prankster. He was the noisy one, she said. He liked to make his presence known by walking around the house. I told her about the dog and she said it was probably Charles teasing her. Constance liked the house to be kept clean and quiet. Vicki said the only time Constance would make any noise is if the house was getting a little too dirty for her liking.

It was strange because once Vicki moved back into the house, it was like Charles and Constance knew. Vicki and I would sit in her room and talk and if we laughed too loud or had our music turned up too high, the pictures on her wall would just fall down. There were many times when we'd lose our car keys, only to find them in places we'd never leave them, like the bathroom cabinet or in a drawer in the kitchen. It was kind of fun, and whenever one of our possessions would go missing, we'd say, "Charles is up to his tricks."

I decided that I had nothing to really be scared about because these ghosts seemed more like fun-loving spirits. At least I wasn't scared until I actually saw one of them.

My boyfriend was over watching movies with all of us. It had gotten really late and he decided to just stay with me. We went to my room, shut the door and locked it. The dog had a tendency push my bedroom door open and try to sleep on my bed with me. I didn't like waking up with fur all over my sheets, so I always kept the door locked. We were laying in bed and I was almost asleep when I heard a noise coming from the direction of my bedroom door. I glanced at the door and what I saw made me take a second look. It looked like the outline of a very tall man in an old white long sleeve shirt and black pants. He was standing right in the doorway! I grabbed my boyfriend and stammered, "Honey, I thought the door was locked. Did you crack it open? Do you see it? Do you see him?" By the time he sat up and looked at the door, it was gone. I made him get up and turn on the light while I hid my head under the blanket. Once the light was on, I got up and inspected the door. It was still closed and locked.

Now that I think about it, Charles must not have liked it that I allowed my boyfriend to stay overnight in my room, so he had to show himself and scare me. And scare me he did!

Hearing a ghost walking around is one thing, but seeing it is one is another. Shortly after that experience, I decided I was too scared to live in that house anymore. I moved out and got my own place, free of ghosts. It's been almost three years, but I still have to sleep with a night-light, and I cover my head with a blanket while I sleep!

Tiffany, Kansas, USA
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