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Ghost Girl (1)

Joe Belisle, Maryland, USA
January 1999

This tale is not a scary one. It's a little sad though.

For a couple of months during the year "98, I had often woken up in the night or in the morning to having either one of my bathroom lights or my reading lamp on my nightstand on. Some mornings I would remember turning them on myself for some reason that night. It wasn't till one night after about a months worth of this going on did I learn why I was getting up in the middle of the night in my sleep to turn a light on.

This particular night I woke up talking to someone. As I got out of bed, I was saying "all right, all right, I'll turn the light on" to a little girl about 10 or 11 years old standing in front of my bureau. It didn't strike me as odd that a little girl was standing in my bedroom asking me to turn on a light in the middle of the night. There wasn't anyone female in my house that night (corporeal). This continues for a few more weeks. Until one night I found the closet light on that goes to my attic. This really freaked me out. I could rationalize one way or another the bathroom lights or reading lamp being on. But I never turn on the closet light unless I am in that closet or going into the attic. So I had no rational explaination for that light being on. Then these occurances stopped.

About three weeks later, I was visiting my next door neighbor (we live in a converted house). I was sitting on his couch with a lighter sitting on my lap. My neighbor asked to use that lighter but I couldn't find it. I figured I dropped it. So I checked my clothes, the couch, the floor, etc..A thorough check proved it missing. After about ten minutes I decided to look for it again. After a second thorough search, I still couldn't find it. Lost. About another ten minutes later, I suddenly became aware that the lighter was now back in my lap where it had been before. I was thinking how impossible this was, when I felt that little girl that I saw that night standing about three feet in front me. I felt her apologize about freaking me out that last night. And then she left.

I have not felt or seen her since. I have not turned on a light in the middle of the night since (except when I have to use the bathroom and I turn off the light). I have no idea why she wanted the light on so much. For her sake? For mine? I know you shouldn't invite spirits at all but I can't help feeling sad about her leaving. She meant no harm.

Joe Belisle, Maryland, USA
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