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Ghost Hunting

Ana, TX, USA
October 2003

Hi, my name is Ana and I live in a small town of South Texas... Not many people know of it so it really isn't that important. Anyway, to my story...

Last year, a friend and I decided to go to places here in the valley that people thought it to be haunted... So we went to this cemetery called El Grangeno Cemetery where the valley veterans were buried. Well, this took place at night around 11:30pm... weird how everything just passes at near mid-night...

As we went walking around I started taking pictures to see is when they we're developed something out of the ordinary would come out, when all of a sudden we heard strange noises and ran to our car! We stayed there for a while deciding what could have been and laughed at how silly we looked. Then after a while we just stayed quiet and I heard a woman's voice saying, "Heeelllppp mmmeee tooo..." and I just froze and ask my friend if she heard what I had heard? She looked at me all puzzled and told me no... and just stayed quiet... I could never make out the ending of that phrase that I had heard. As I tried to hear it again I heard my friend scream and say " LET'S GET OUTTA HERE!!!" I asked her why and she told me that next to her window (the driver's side) she saw the figure of a woman dressed in white with a black cloak and disappeared.

On the way back home we we're just quiet and in shock... The next day that we talked about it, we decided to go back again... We're big fans of getting scared, but we had never come close to this extraordinary event... This is something I would never forget and always talk about it to my friends... And they always tell me to take them too, so hopefully I'll be back there once again.

Thank you for reading my story...

Ana, TX, USA
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