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Ghost In My Bed

Aaron Salazar, Utah, USA
May 2002

Although I am very interested in ghosts and creepy things in general, I have never experienced anything that could not be explained. I have often wondered what I would do if I ever saw a ghost. I have felt that I would probably be startled at first because...its a ghost! Then I think I would be intrigued. About 4 or 5 months ago I finally had my first experience.

I was lying in bed with my wife at about 3 in the morning sleeping soundly. Slowly I woke up for no perceivable reason and opened my eyes. I immediately noticed a small figure of what appeared to be a girl about 2 feet high standing on the bed between my wife and I. Of course the light was off so I could barley make out its features. The first thought that came to my still sleeping mind was that it was my 1 year old daughter and that my wife had brought her in to sleep with us. My wife did this often when my daughter was younger. Then my mind realized that she could not yet stand on her own! Just then this "figure" began to walk towards the foot of the bed as if its feet were actually on the floor under the bed and the bed was through its middle. Finally the "figure" stopped about 3 feet past the foot of our bed where there is a dresser, propped up its elbow and rested its head. At this point I could clearly see the "figure's" hair was up in a bun for its back was facing me. I remember feeling paralyzed not because I couldn't move but because I didn't want to for fear of what the "figure" might do. Suddenly I thought to myself, "Wow, this is my first experience with what appears to be a ghost!" and my fear turned partially to a feeling of excitement. Then, before I knew it, I had fallen back asleep. The next morning I couldn't wait to tell my wife and friends of my experience.

Weather this was a real encounter or weather it was just a product of my half-asleep mind is an arbitrary decision as most of these stories are. As for me I think I'll need a more tangible experience before I believe 100%. It sure is interesting though.

Aaron Salazar, Utah, USA
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