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Ghost In The Corridor

Adriano, Victoria, Australia
July 2006

It was around about 1988 when this happened. My mum, brother and his ex-girlfriend had just gone to bed after they'd had an exciting hour or so watching the police catch a rapist who had attacked a young girl in a nearby house a week earlier and who'd returned for more on that night. I don't know if it was because my mum had been woken up in the middle of the night or if it was all the action outside that she'd just seen, but for about half an hour after she'd gone back to bed, she couldn't fall asleep and was just tossing and turning. While turning over in bed, her eye happened to catch sight of a dark shadowy form standing just outside her bedroom door in the corridor. Thinking that it was my brothers ex-girlfriend, she asked what was wrong. When there was no answer, my mum began to get up out of bed and go to see what it was when she saw that she could see right through the shape and into the kitchen door behind it.
As my mum said, it's as though her blood stopped running through her body. She got up on all fours on the bed and all she could do was just stare at the shadow in the corridor. After a while, she even tried to call my brothers name, but she couldn't even make a sound. Finally though, her voice returned and she screamed for my brother to come. My brother, having fallen asleep after seeing the police and all the action outside, had fallen fast asleep when he was woken up by my mum's scream. He jumped off the top bunk where he and I slept and stumbled, half asleep, down the hall to my mum's room where he asked my mum what she was screaming at and scaring him half to death about.
My mum, still on all fours on her bed then told him that there was a ghost standing behind him. She says he jumped in the air and turned around in the one move only to find the opposite corridor wall facing him and no ghosts. After complaining to my mum about giving him a heart attack, he dragged himself back to his bedroom and back to his bed.

For weeks after they told me this story, I slept with my head under the blankets so that I wouldn't see any ghosts.

Adriano, Victoria, Australia
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