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Ghost In The House

Megan, IL, USA
August 2003

Before my family moved into this house, there lived another man. Long story short, he shot himself in the head. Well, for as long as I could remember, there have always been weird happenings going on and it never really bothered anyone.

There was just a few times when the ghost would immitate my dad walking around in the basement when we all knew he was at work. He would play with the pool table and always walked on the main floor at night. We knew it was him because as he lived here. The floors were all hardwood - the floors now are the exact opposite minus the kitchen (yes, even our bathroom is carpeted). We'd hear his heavy boots lightly stomp on the hard wood, we'd see his work boots in this very closet, and he would mimic my parents' voices.

My brother Sean and I would occasionally hear my mom call out in her usual fashion "Sean and Megan!" and we'd rush down the stairs... only to find her confused and wondering why we were expecting instructions of some kind (eat dinner, pick up toys, etc).

When I was about 7 years old, I finally saw him. I couldn't see his face - on account of him shooting himself in the head - and he had on all blue denim clothes and brown hair. His usual route throughout the main floor was: walk through living room, go through dining room, stop in the middle of the hallway, stare at me for a minute or so, then continue his walk to the bathroom and stop there.

One day, this little route got interesting.

He was either feeling bold or it's just coincidence. Well, en route to our bathroom, he stared at me again. Only this time it was for about 20 to 30 seconds. He disappeared right in front of me! I was freaked out. Five minutes later, my brother climbed down the bunk-bed and walked in the hallway. I called his name and he stopped for 3 seconds, then walked into the bathroom. The next morning, Sean was wondering why he woke up there. As I said, that was either coincidence or my brother was actually possessed. His roaming about returned to normal after that. Nothing 'weird' happened after.

I believe there is a second ghost in my house. Recently, my dad bought a bed from the flea market for my room. Ever since I started sleeping in it, odd things took place.

On the first night, I continued to toss and turn as I heard someone running up and down the stairs, not getting tired. I knew full-well it wasn't my brother. And the first ghost had no desire to go to the second floor. So I thought that would be the last time I'd sleep on that bed.

A month ago, the same ghost (I just call him Charlie) walked into this room where I slept on the futon. I was wondering what Charlie was doing in here - he started to scare me a little because he just stood there staring. A minute later, I felt him poking me in the temple. Some of the time, I only heard it. Nowadays, I sleep in that same bed that I believe Charlie haunts. Of course, I have to tell him when I'm sleeping there because I don't want the stair stunt to repeat.

There are nights still where I wander in the dark trying to get to the basement to watch TV (I have some trouble sleeping sometimes) and Charlie will try to block my path. The dark house gets darker as this 5'3" figure just gets in my way and makes everything ahead of me pitch black. When I do get to the basement, I make sure my dog is awake to let me know if someone's there. I have seen Charlie sometimes. Usually, he walks around the perimeter of my house. Other times, in the dark when he's not trying to make my trips to the basement extra fun, he'll stare at me through the dining room window and smile. It's not really an evil smile, but not warm and friendly either. Like a little kid trying to be sneaky or something.

I've drawn a few pictures of him, but have not been able to scan them.

Well, I'm glad that Charlie and the other ghost get along (considering the latter one has resided here longer). My family doesn't mind them, we think of them as residents who don't have to pay rent and we don't have to feed them. They're not bad people at all. Just mischievous and playful. This may sound far-fetched and fictitious, but I dare you to stay the night at my house and not have one ghostly experience!

Megan, IL, USA
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