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Ghost Mother and Baby

Kathy Tudor, Tennessee, USA
October 1998

This is my mother's story, not my own.

This story took place in a small coal mining town in Virginia around 1953. My mother grew up in a poor coal mining community in Virginia. Down the road from my mom's house lived a newly married couple Prudence and Walter. Prudence was expecting her first child and mom ,who was about 12 at the time, would go to Prudence's house and help her with her house hold chores and just sit on the front porch and keep her company. The time came for Prudence to have her baby and Walter took her to the local hospital. Prudence and Walter were poor and had no insurance so the hospital refused service. Prudence was left to return home and give birth. Needless to say complications arose and both Prudence and the baby died. Not long after Prudence died, Walter sold the house to my mom's family and moved. One night the family had company and mom had to vacate to the living room and sleep. She was woke up by the crying of a baby only there was no baby in the house. Mom said she sat up and there was prudence running through the house with the baby in her arms crying. The only thing is Prudence had no visible feet so she was floating and her long flowing hair would wrap itself around the door facing as she turned the corner. Mom at first thought she was dreaming and then she screamed and Prudence and the baby disappeared. Mom said she'd seen Prudence and the baby several times throughout their stay at the house, but she would only appear for mom and no one else.

Kathy Tudor, Tennessee, USA
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