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Ghost of A Hero

Nicole & Ben, UK
April 2002

My father is an Officer in the RAF and for the past 2 years we have been living Outside Toyoko, Japan as my dad was stationed there. My mother, brother and I were living with him on the base. My brother and I went to an English speaking school, we are twins were 15 years old.

The base has been used by the (RAF) Royal Air Force pilots for 50 years and many spooky and unexplainable things have happened there. There would be the usual things, for example: lights turning on and off by themselves, things moving on their own and sometimes doors would open when no one was there to open them.

When my family and I arrived, things seemed pretty normal. We would hang around with the other kids and mess about. Sometimes we would go outside and hang out by the aircraft hangers. This is where our unexplainable things happened.

One evening, at about 10.30pm we were hanging out by the aircraft hangers just talking when the hangers doors opened and a man walked out, wearing an old fashioned RAF uniform and helmet. We knew that the doors were locked becuase we had tried to get in ourselves. We spoke to him but he kept on walking and didn't look at us. We turned around to look at the hangers doors, which again, were shut and locked. We were very surprised and didn't really know what to do or say. We went back to my parents and told them about the man that we saw. We saw this man 4 other times, always the same time and him wearing the same uniform and helmet.

We decided to do some research and found out that this man had died while on a mission, almost 40 years ago. His name was Officer Reginald Jones and he was 35 years old.

It is sad to think that someone died trying to protect our country.

Thank you reading my story.

Nicole & Ben, UK
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