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Ghost Pet

Trisha, Victoria, Australia
September 1999

Not long ago we had the best pet dog ever, she was a collie, her name was Matilda. We had her since she was a pup, and she died young in her sleep one night 2 months ago. Since then I hear noises as I try to sleep at night. One night I woke up and heard a faint whimper of a dog at my door. When I looked I saw nothing, I checked outside and saw or heard nothing. So I went back to bed and when I got back to my bed room Matilda's ball was sitting on my bed. I though maybe my brother put it there to scare me so I threw it out the back door. When I got back into bed about 5 minutes later I felt something on the end of my bed, when I turned on the light the ball was sitting there. I totally freaked out and shut my door and shut my window.

2 nights later when I was getting ready to go to bed I felt a breeze blow against my leg. I checked the window and it was shut and I checked my door was shut properly. I thought maybe it came from under my door? When I got into bed I was nearly asleep and I felt something big on the end of my bed, when I turned the lights on I saw nothing?

Was it my dead dog?

I don't know but she is still around, I hear her barking or whimpering at my door or window. But I am the only one who sees and hears things. What do you think??

Trisha, Victoria, Australia
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