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Ghost Rider

November 2006

The story I'm about to tell happened to my aunt Rose and her husband some years ago.

They helped out at the local Food Pantry (give food to those in need). Then they moved to a nearby town and would travel back and forth to work. This other town was maybe 20 -25 miles away. They would sometimes work late into the evening stocking and doing inventory and then start home late at night. The road they traveled doesn't have too many travelers at night, and most times they went home they hadn't had anything out of the ordinary happen. But this particular night something did.
As they were coming past a bridge and got away's from it, all of a sudden her husband turned to the back seat and started talking to someone. She at that time was unable speak and sort of froze up. She said she could hear him and this rider talking fast but was unable to make out what they were saying. She managed to look in the rearview mirror and could make out dark figure in the backseat. All this seemed like time dragged as if in slow motion, but eventually she was able call out to her husband. By her calling out loudly it was as if he snapped out of the trancelike state he had been in. She then asked him who he was talking to and what they were talking about? He said what are you talking about I didn't talk to anyone, we're alone. She told him what had happened and he hadn't had a clue to what just happened. They then went a different route home and would go home early. Eventually, they found a place in town and moved. This highway they traveled on has many stories to it. Once my father himself experienced something, in his case he was hitchhiking and it was late at night around midnight or so. He said it was pitch black out. When he came up to the top of the hill after the long stretch of road. He decided to stop and rest along the road. As he was going to sit he started to hear people crying and talking at a distance. And he knew there wasn't anyone out in the middle of nowhere trying to pull a prank on him. At this time, he was wishing he hadn't decided to hitchhike so late at night. Lucky for him a car was coming in the distance. It stopped for him and it was one of his cousins. She (Aunt Dree) got mad and told him he shouldn't be walking at night, he said "I know and I was on my way to come see you". He didn't tell her what happened or what he heard. Because she usually travels that route alone and didn't want to scare her. (she hadn't had anything happen to her on her travels through there but many have had unusual things happen while traveling this road.)
He said that's one spooky road and one of the spookiest places he's been.
Around the time my Aunt Rose and her hubby had their experience some Native American remains were put to rest along the highway there, the remains came from the east coastal area. It's possible they picked up a the rider from that burial ground. The experience my father had happened years before the remains were brought to our Indian Reservation. (SD) People have had lots of experiences back home, they don't normally go out and investigate. Nor do they talk much about ghosts and the paranormal. Things are very much left alone back home. I myself on the other hand enjoy sharing experiences and listening to others. I do get permission to share other people's experiences.
My advice to anyone out there... be careful when it comes to the spirit world.
Thank you all for reading.

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