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Ghost Story

Carol, Idaho, USA
April 1998

I'm not sure if this was my imagination or not, because I had just finished reading a ghost story, but I really REALLY think it was real:

It was the night of April 21,1998 I had just gone to bed. My dog was at the foot of my bed, and I had just finished reading a book about ghosts. I turned off my light, listened to music for a while, then shut off my music. I lay there, trying to go to sleep, and my dog started growling by my door, there was a black shape. It looked like a person on their hands and knees looking for something. I keep a flashlight in my room, and I turned it on and pointed it straight at the shape. The light went right through it, and the figure stood up and started towards me. I screamed, and it disappered.I also truly belive my house is haunted. Apparently when the house was first built 18 years ago, there was a murder that was never solved. No one caught the killer either. I think that makes it even scarier!!

Carol, Idaho, USA
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