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Ghost Story of a Deployed Soldier

Tonya Grant, TX, USA
February 2004

I have always believed in ghosts, or spirits ever since I was 5 years old when I saw a spirit on my bed right before my bedtime.
Now I am a grown woman in the Army and I was deployed to Iraq for 12 months.
I am home now and I wanted to tell of an experience I had in the desert one night on guard duty.

We have a military phone called a DNVT that we used, but we had just arrived to our site that day, so our phone lines were NOT hooked up.

I was on guard duty one morning with a fellow soldier about 1AM and our DNVT phone rang, mind you it was not plugged in to our switchboard yet.

I picked up the receiver and heard a lot of static at first, and then it sounded like 2 or 3 voices speaking from far away in Arabic. They sounded very frantic like they were in some kind of trouble and it sounded like they were talking from inside of a bottle. I just thought it was some kind of glitch in the system but my battle buddy heard it too. I've heard other people say they have had this same experience not only in this war but wars past, such as Desert Storm.

Tonya Grant, TX, USA
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