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Ghost Woman

Emma, London, UK
September 2004

Hi my name's Emma and I'm from London in the uk, I have many ghostly experiences that have happened to me but I've decided to share this story out of all of them as I wasn't the only person to see what I had seen.

It happened to me about 7 years ago and I swear I saw something even though many people don't believe me.

I've lived in my house my whole life and have had a few creepy experiences there and the fact that our house is in front of a graveyard doesn't help the feeling of creepiness. Our back garden leads onto the graveyard with only a high wall separating the houses and the head stones.

I was about 9 at the time and I shared a room with my younger sister Katy. My bed was by the door and Katy's bed was next to mine with about a metre gap between us. A few nights before the incident happened I was lying awake in bed reading with my lamp on, I was really into my book and hadn't stopped reading for quite some time when I suddenly just stopped through mid sentence for no apparent reason. I looked around the room and over at my sister, which I often did to check that she was ok, as I'd always had this fear of people I loved dying. I didn't really think anything of it as I had never really thought about anything paranormal before and didn't really think anything of it. I continued reading when I again got this feeling to stop mid sentence I looked around again feeling slightly uneasy now and huddled deeper into my covers, I was just about to start reading again when I heard banging, it didn't sound very loud and it didn't sound like it was coming from the neighbours, it sounded as if someone was opening and closing the chest of drawers in my mum and dad's room, I hadn't heard my mum or dad come up which I thought was strange as you could always hear when someone was coming up or down the stairs.

I didn't think anything of it, I just thought that I'd probably been so involved in my book that I just hadn't noticed them coming up. The banging of the drawers continued and I couldn't concentrate on my book, instead of feeling scared I was beginning to get quite annoyed as the noise had been going on for at least five minutes, I pulled my door open to tell my mum to stop the noise as I was trying to sleep, I whispered 'mum' so I didn't wake Katy up but there was no reply but the noise paused and then continued.

I whispered for my mum again but still no reply, I looked over at my sister and decided she was in a deep enough sleep for me to call out normally. I called out for my mum and she answered me from downstairs, this shocked me a bit as I honestly thought she was next door, I asked if my dad was down there and I was told he was and to my surprise I was asked what I was doing because they could hear a faint banging sound. I told them I wasn't doing anything and I could hear it as well that's why I had called down, this freaked me out a little bit but when my dad said it was probably just the boiler and he'd look at it the next day I didn't really think anything of it. I decided to stop reading and laid in bed when I noticed that the noise had stopped (it had been continuing whilst I was talking to my parents), I got out of bed and went into my mum and dad's room which is next door to mine and saw that all the drawers were open, I closed them all not wanting to be blamed for rummaging through their things and went back to my room freaked out and scared.

A few days later I woke up at about 2am which was strange because I'd never really woke up half way through the night before unless it was to go to the bathroom and I didn't need to go, I rubbed my eyes and pulled my covers around me, I looked over at my sister to check she was ok and turned on my side facing the door, I'd only been facing the door for a couple of minutes when I got this feeling that I had to look over at my sister again, I turned over and saw a woman floating over my sister, I just stared at her and she just sort of smiled, I hid under the covers breathing heavily scared by what I had just seen, I stayed under the covers for what seemed like ages not knowing what to do, I wanted to call for my mum but I didn't want to speak and I wanted to check my sister was ok but I didn't want to come out in case she was still there, eventually I peeked out from the covers and there was nothing there. I got out of bed and leant over to my sister to check she was ok, she was but I stayed up the rest of the night cuddling her just in case anything did happen to her.

The next morning I didn't know whether I should tell anybody what I had seen and decided against it as I didn't think anybody would believe me. After that night nothing seemed to happen, a few things had occurred but could easily be explained rationally such as the doors opening which could be caused by drafts and things going missing then appearing again in obvious places which could be explained as not looking properly in the first place. I hadn't forgotten what had happened to me but I just put it to the back of my mind and after a few weeks of being creeped out I just sort of went back to normal.

A few years after the experiences had happened, me and my mum were talking and the conversation lead to ghosts and paranormal activities, I decided to tell my mum about what I had seen. When I had told her about it I was expecting her to tell me not to be silly and for her not to believe me but instead she had a story of her own.

When she and my dad had just moved into the house she was sleeping on the sofa when she woke up feeling like someone was watching her, thinking my dad had come in from work she sat up on the sofa to say hello, instead of seeing my dad at the bottom of the sofa she saw a woman, my mum just stared at her and she seemed to be smiling, my mum rubbed her eyes and closed them again thinking she was imagining it but when she opened her eyes again the woman was still there, my mum opened and closed her eyes a few more times but the woman didn't go away, my mum said she was obviously freaked out by that point and didn't know what to do, my mum said she was just about to get up and run towards the door when the woman just faded away in front of her. My mum said she didn't feel threatened at all just frightened by what she was seeing and the ghost had just stood there and smiled the whole time, which was what the ghost I had seen also did. When my mum described the sort of clothing she was wearing and how she had her hair tied up in a sort of bun we both realised that we had seen the same thing.

I tried to find out some information about our house but had no success, I've never seen the woman since but have often sensed things and heard noises when no one else is home, the TV and radio have also come on by themselves a few times.

Neither me or my mum had felt threatened by the woman and I have come to the conclusion that maybe she was just letting us know that she was there and that there is another life after this one.

Emma, London, UK
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