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Ghostly Alsatian Dog

March 2002

It was one Wednesday afternoon, back in August of 1996. I was hanging around the patio of my parent's house, I used to live with them back then. Suddenly I saw an Alsatian dog in our back garden. I saw him going across the garden from right to left, towards the direction of the shed. As he approached towards the shed, the figure became less transparent, the moment he walked in, he vanished into thin air. His first half of the body was half way through the shed door, then I noticed the hind legs and the tail vanish into thin air.

At first I was terrified, I was shaking. I told my mum, who was inside the house, by the patio door, 'mum, there is a dog in our shed, an Alsatian'. 'That's strange, how did he get in? we normally get cats in our garden and foxes at night, but how can there be a dog?'

Those of you, who are not familiar with British houses, it is that some British homes have back gardens surrounded with walls. Our garden walls were too high for dogs to climb over. So she was confused.

'I am positive', I replied. She saw how nervous I was. I am not scared of dogs, but I do tend to be wary of strays. I did not have the courage to admit how I saw it vanishing into thin air because she would have thought I was nuts. So she was under the impression that it was a real live Alsatian, not a ghostly apparition.

Finally, within a space of three minutes, after seeing this ghostly dog, I plucked up courage to grab hold of a broom stick, which was lying around and approach the shed. The broom stick was to ward him off, in case he bit (you see I managed to convince her in the first place that it was a real dog, not an apparition, so I had to act in a way that it was a real dog).

As I got to the shed, the dog was not there. The shed, however, was in a peaceful, undisturbed state. I got back home, and said to my mum, 'It must have been my imagination'. 'I knew it, how can we have dogs climbing over our wall, it is too the way, I've never seen you that terrified at all'.

This thing kept on going in my mind, and I kept pondering about it around that time. I wasn't a believer in ghosts, and ever since that incident occured, I've been believing that it was my imagination.

It was until the winter of 2000, when I went to visit my parents, I was no longer living with them.

I got into a chat with my neighbour, well cut the long story to short, he went on to mention about how the previous family who lived at my parent's place before their time, had a pet Alsatian. This subject of the previous owners of my parental home, just crept into the conversation. It brought me back those past memories, of how I noticed this ghostly apparition resembling an Alsatian way back in those years. I was in a right state of shock, but I managed to recover within a short span of time.

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