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Ghostly Footsteps (1)

Nicole Makinney, Hawaii, USA
April 1998

Me and my sister were staying at my Aunties house on Oahu. My Aunt and Uncle had gone out and we were watching my baby cousins. Around nine they all fell asleep and (of course) we put them to bed. Around 10 or 11 we heard footsteps walking around. We got up to check if my Uncle or Aunt was home, or if the kids were up, but no one was home and everyone was asleep. We then went back to the living room, and started watching tv to make some noise, and to calm our nerves. We turned the tv off around 1 in the morning, and I looked at the blank TV screen. There was something glowing, like a reflection of something in back of us. I turned around and there was no one there. Me and my sister got out of the living room and never went in there for the next week.

Nicole Makinney, Hawaii, USA
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