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Ghostly Jokes

Christine, FL, USA
April 2002

One of my earliest ghost experiences were of course, with the age-old Ouija Board. Yes, I had tried it for many years in Middle & High School, but to no avail, I would sit for hours with different friends each time wishing and wishing for it to work, but it never really did, it just sat there with no response, no funny feelings, no nothing. Well, this all changed one magical day when my best friend *Charlie* (she's a girl).

She came over to spend the night with me (the first time she came over my house) and we got to talking about ghosts and stuff. I told her my plight on how my Ouija Board would never work with anyone I played with (except one other person, but that wasn't often). Well, she was pretty excited about trying a Ouija Board for the first time (her parents were really strict and I don't think she was able to aquire one).

Well, we went into my bedroom, which was originally a storage room, so it was like 10'x25' (pretty big) so I set it off with putting three dressers across it to set my beds off in the back (like a private hide-away). Well, we went back and sat between my beds (they were toe-to-toe) and began playing with merriment.

The second our fingers touched the planchette, it zoomed nearly off the board and we took our hands off it shocked us so much! Well, after getting over it and asking if the other had done it, we carefully went to put our hands on again. Once again, the planchette acted as if jolted by electricity and began doing high-speed figure 8's on the board, dancing and carrying on. Charlie and I looked at each other and were completely in awe. It immediately went over to the sun and did little circles. I mustered up the courage to and asked, "What does that mean?" which was directed at Charlie, but the planchette moved over the letters to spell "laughter" quite spasmodically, twisting and turning, and causing us to change hand positions from doing 360's. We just began to smile and began asking our typical questions.

After a little bit of "who are we gonna marry" and "when are we gonna die" goofy questions, it started spelling out over and over again "warlock". Charlie and I didn't say anything at first, and it did this maybe a dozen times. Charlie looked up at me in question, "What??" It then spelled "CB", which are my initials. I was more than a bit puzzled and said, "Me??" It went to yes. I asked, "Don't you mean 'witch'?" It went sharply to "No" and then proceeded to spell "Warlocks are more powerful than witches." I asked, "Aren't warlock's men, though?" It again went sharply to "No" and then went on "any sex can >be a warlock, just not many are able to become warlocks."

We both kind of 'froze' and the planchette began chanting "warlock" all over the board again, doing those weird flips and 360's again. We didn't really get too scared, we were just puzzled by this odd behavior. An insane Ouija Board, is this possible?

Quite rapidly it stopped for a split second, which caught our attention, because the planchette had not stopped moving since we had put our hands on it, when it was not answering a question, or asking one, it would remain doing figure 8's in the center of the board. It stopped and we stared at the board. Quickly it began to move again and spelled out, "Warlock take off your cross". I thought the board had flipped out. I reached around my neck and there hung my golden cross that I had worn for about 3 years straight, I didn't even think about it I wore it so much, so when it told me to take it off, I had to find out if it was even on me. I clutched it in my free hand and it kept repeating, "Warlock take off your cross" faster and faster on the board.

There was an overwhelming sense of fear in the room, and I felt like I were suffocating. Me and Charlie were so freaked out now, we stared at each other for a few seconds then at the SAME TIME we got up screaming from the board and ran into my living room. We were so completely afraid, it was pathetic. Charlie said to me, "Can you believe that?!" I said, "No! And I am not a Warlock! I don't care what that crazy board says!"

Well, needless to say we calmed down and the day went on. A few hours later, with the board long forgotten and still where we had abandoned it in my room, it was time to drive Charlie home. I didn't think much of it until I got to the hallway. By this time, it was dark outside, and we had been using the board during the day time with plenty of sunshine in the back part of my room (I only had one window near my beds, on the other side of my dresser wall), now, with the sun down, my room was as black as night. I froze in the doorway. Charlie asked happily, "What's wrong?" I said, "Oh, no." She looked concerned and asked me again, this time more earnestly. I said, "I have to drive you home, and my shoes are in my room by 'the board'!" A face sunk in sadness. She asked, "Well, aren't you going to go get them?" I said, "No! I have to drive you home, why don't you go get them?" She said, "No way, not by myself!" We then agreed to go in together.

We held hands and then counted to three, ran in my room and I nabbed my shoes and we ran out as fast as we could.

When we got to my living room, we both plopped down on the sofa and chair and started laughing, for NO REASON. I looked at her and said, "Did you have an urge to laugh when we ran into my bedroom and grabbed my shoes?" She perked up and her eyes got all wide and she smiled, "Yeah! I felt like I was being laughed at!" "Me too!" I shouted. After much debate, we agreed to go back and talk on the board, after all, how many times can you have premonitions like that?

We carefully got back in the room, and sat near the Ouija Board. We barely touched the planchette and it zoomed to the sun again, swirling crazily. I asked, "Are you laughing?" It sharply went to "Yes", then immediately began circling the sun face again ('laughing'). I said, "At us??" It sharply went to "Yes" and repeated the process. We had the overwhelming fear of giddiness and we both began cracking up at us. The board began to dance again and wrote, "you should have seen yourselves", and of course this threw us in another tizzy of laughter. We managed to gain control and it wrote, "holding are silly girls" and went to the sun again, swirling.

I asked, "So all that stuff about me being a Warlock wasn't true??" It went to "No" then spelled, "sorry...did not mean to scare you...just meant to make you laugh." Well needless to say we stayed talking to the silly spirit for a few hours extra that night! (See! Ghosts can be silly too!)

Christine, FL, USA
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