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Ghostly Roommate

April 1997

The incident I am about to explain was told to me by my Aunt.

My Aunt had just divorced and moved to a town in New Hampshire, not too far from where I lived at the time. She had with her, her daughter who was probably about three at the time. They moved into a nice apartment and had friendly neighbors who all looked out for one another's place or children.

Not long after my Aunt moved in, she started to experience odd things. She had her own thermostat in the apartment and whenever she left, she would turn it down. When she would return, she would find her apartment very hot. When she checked the thermostat, it was cranked. After turning it down again, she went across the hall and asked her neighbor if she saw anyone go into her apartment, which actually would have been impossible because she had the only key. Her neighbor said someone was definately in there because she heard loud footsteps in the apartment, but she didn't see anyone enter or leave. My Aunt found this strange and when she entered her apartment, the thermostat was again cranked. She knew her daughter didn't do it because she was right next to her.

Sometimes, she would leave her windows open a crack when she left to go somewhere. When she returned the windows would be closed and locked. Again, her neighbor reported hearing footsteps but not seeing anyone enter or leave. After a while, the window and thermostat business stopped. Just when my Aunt thought that what ever had been happening had stopped, even worse things would happen.

She would return home and find her plants knocked over and her dishes on the floor cracked or broken. Astonished, she asked the neighbor if she heard anything in her apartment. This time the neighbor didn't hear a sound. The final straw happened not long after when my Aunt left my cousin alone in the apartment for a few minutes to run down to the lobby and check her mail. She didn't lock the door when she left but when she arrived at her door she found it locked. She called to her daughter to unlock the door and she answered that the door wasn't locked. Terrified that her daughter was in danger, she ran to the neighbor's to use the phone, but the phone was out of order. So, in the freezing cold of winter, she had to run across the street to a pay phone, not wearing any shoes. She called the fire department to go knock her door down. Then she ran back to her apartment and checked the door which was still locked. When the fire department got there, they checked the door to see if it was still locked. Amazingly enough, it wasn't. They opened the door and let her in, apparently thinking she was crazy. That night, she lit some candles and tried a seance. She asked that whoever was in there to please leave her things and daughter alone. She didn't care if he\she stayed, but they had to respect her property. If they respected her, she would respect them. Surprisingly enough, this worked! My Aunt said that from then until the time they moved out a month later, that the ghost never did any thing harmful to her apartment again. About as far as it went was if the windows were left open during a rain storm, they would be closed. All's well that ends well, I suppose.

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