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Ghosts At Work

Clair, North Wales, UK
May 2011

I work at a residential college for people with special needs, the place was originally used to provide soldiers disabled after the 1st world war with employment and also to provide them with care and somewhere to live. There are some very old buildings there amongst the more modern ones and I have experienced some very strange things there. Sorry if this is a bit long but here goes.

One day I was working in my area on my own, it was in the holidays so there were no students there, and that's when we have to take our holidays, but we cant have the full 6 weeks off, so there is just a skeleton staff on. I was in the laundry, and the door was open, when I became aware out of the corner of my eye that someone had gone into the kitchen which was to the right. I thought that was odd as if someone had come into my work area they would have came and said hello as to avoid startling me, so I went into the kitchen and there was nobody there. This scared me quite badly and I was so shaken up I was sent home early and nobody questioned what I had seen. I later learned that other people have had similar experiences, and that a small number of students had died in this building over the years.

Another time, in the holidays again, I was working in another area (old bungalows occupied by the more independent students). I was working the day, as soon as I went inside I heard voices coming from somewhere inside, they definitely weren't from outside but I couldn't pinpoint where they came from, or what was being said. It sounded like a woman, but just seemed to be coming from far away. This freaked me out a little, so I left as I had a bungalow that I was responsible for to clean, and by the end of the day I had more or less forgotten or convinced myself I was imagining it. Later that week on the Saturday, I was working an evening shift, on my own again and was in the same bungalow (as that's where our office was.) I was in the living room watching television, when suddenly I felt very panicky, and just had to get out, I locked up and went and sat in another bungalow which was fine, until I realised I had left my bag in the office. It took ages to work up the courage to go back, and soon as I got back in there I felt panicky again. later, when it was home time I had booked a taxi to pick me up from outside this bungalow, and I thought I could feel someone looking out of the window at me. I mentioned this to a colleague and she said she had experienced the same thing.

Another colleague was very skeptical until a few weeks ago, when she was sleeping in one night (a member of staff always sleeps in) and she was woken at 3 in the morning by footsteps in the corridor, thinking it was a student using the toilet, she got up to see who it was and there was no one there. She checked all the bedrooms and everyone was fast asleep. This happened again about an hour later. On another occasion, the taps in the bathroom kept on turning themselves on of their own accord, we would turn them off, only to find them on again minutes later. I suppose its not surprising considering the amount of people who have passed through this place over the years, some come back or don't leave at all. Another time myself and a colleague were in the stores, which is a very old part of the campus, sorting through junk to sell at the summer fete, when we found an old black and white photo of men in wheelchairs (ex soldiers probably from the 1940s) This spooked us, had it been there all those years?), maybe some of the men in that photo were still here?

Clair, North Wales, UK
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