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Ghosts of Mill Lane

June 2005

Two years ago my daughter and I moved to Kennebunkport, Maine for the school system. We found this cute little cottage on the river for a reasonable price. It seemed perfect. Now, if you had asked me if I believed in ghosts prior to this experience I would have told you yes. I'm very sensitive, I have clear discernment and I've had experiences with a ghost here and there in Maine and on Nantucket. I could handle one or two ghosts but eight ghosts in one house was overwhelming.

The seasonal cottage was rented fully furnished so, most of our things were in storage. The moment we moved in I saw things out of the corner of my eye and the energy changed from room to room.

I found myself sleeping in one particular room with my head in the right hand corner curled in the fetal position every night. I was sick with a cold from the minute I first slept in that room for 6 weeks straight until I moved myself into a separate room in this house. I felt uncomfortable in this particular room and refused to dress in there. I also sensed a woman standing behind the door and once caught her hand smoothing out the blanket on the end of my bed. I decided to do some research on the house with the Kennebunkport Historical Society and all I found out was that it was owned and built in pieces by a man named Sam back in the 1800's.

Different spirits resided in certain spots of the house and this was the energy changes that I felt. I thought I was going crazy but both my daughter and I felt it throughout the house and hearing footsteps and muffled voices like a radio constantly in the room that I slept in cinched it for me so, I called in a medium to verify our experiences and answer my questions. This is what I learned...and it completely made sense.

Sam, the original owner felt that this house that he built was his heaven. It was beautiful sitting on the water. Sam had full use of the house but remained mostly down stairs puttering around and working as if he were still alive.

Beuregard was a french soldier who paced back and forth in front of the door at the bottom of the stairs. The rug was actually worn down from his pacing. He felt that he was protecting my daughter and I and he was determined not to let any other spirits in the house. Beauregard kept asking where his family was. Poor man. He felt responsible for my daughter and I he said. I sometimes found myself jumping around him when I came downstairs. Like I was in his way.

Rebecca stood behind the door in the room that I slept in. She said that she didn't want the men in the room to see her. She kept asking where her husband was. He had abandoned her when she died. She smoothed out my bed because it needed it she said.

The three men in this room were not very nice. It was like a mens club in there and this is why I was so uncomfortable in there. They said through the medium that they didn't understand why I was there and why I didn't have a husband. Their anger was pretty intense towards me as a woman especially in the end part of this room. THere were actually two spirit line that travelled through this room and my head was positioned every night in one of the lines. This is why I was sick. Because the house was on the water and this is why the spirit lines were there I was told. It also tends to draw rodents and spiders. We had two recluse spiders while we lived there and they're rare in Maine.

The next ghost I learned about was a 12-13 year old little girl name Isabella. She hung out in the upstairs hallway and in the bathroom. She loved my daughter because they were the same age and she wanted so much to live like her. We had to be careful because she wanted to live through my daughter she said and we had to make sure that she didn't attach herself to my child in any way. Isabella's story was sad ...she had been raped and left for dead by a couple of men on this property. Isabella kept asking "Why did they do that to me?" Such tragedy befell these spirits and they were so stuck here on earth.

One of my daughters friends, Eva saw Isabella one day. The girls were wrestling on the floor and all of a sudden Eva sat up because she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Isabella stood there watching the girls and as soon as Eva looked at her she ran into the bathroom with Eva chasing her. Eva returned an said "Who the heck was that?" We said it must have been Isabella. Eva described Isabella with long dark hair and her dress came to the lower part of her calves. She wasn't solid in form but she could see her clearly.

Isabella was a typical girl and she would do things to get our attention by knocking things over constantly in the bathroom. THere was another ghost Angelique. She resided in the nicest room of the house. It was the breakfast room overlooking the water. We did our homework in this room and we did feel safe in here and comfortable. She only wanted us to be happy and safe. I did capture a picture of this spirit on a photo unexpectedly. I'm an artist and in the dark room as I developed this photo I couldn't believe that I had a face in the window as I was trying to take a picture of the water through the windows. I would see Angelique as a white image out of the corner of my eye. I learned that we see more out of the corner of our eye.

Back to Sam. He had a great sense of humor and would play jokes here and there. He was honestly harmless and he seemed okay with us there. He still went about his life as if he hadn't left. I locked up the room that I originally slept in. It had two doors. I took all of my things out of there too. Sometimes the doors would burst open and you'd feel the anger but we had to block that part of the house off.

At the bottom of the stairs was a window and this was closed immediately also by pulling the shade. It felt like spirits were looking in the window to come in constantly. I don't know what it was about this house that appealed to all these spirits. I had a Feng Shui person come into the house to confirm what I was getting too and my daughter had to do a report on this topic so it was a good excuse.

This woman, Laura confirmed everything about the spirit lines and the importance of closing off that room. The doors actually burst open while she was there.

One room that I currently slept in according to the lopan was empty and the needle on the lopan actually spun around. It was as if the room was backwards.

Laura who studied Feng Shui in Malaysia compared this cottage on Mill Lane to the type of house that people in Asia place their dead for years at a time until they found a proper burial plot. I prayed through this house and burned sage and I tried to encourage the spirits to move on. I actually received a calling two years ago and am now going to pursue my Masters in Divinity this fall.

When I left this house I didn't realize how on edge I was until the moment my daughter thought it would be funny to scare me by tickling my shoulder. I jumped and then I cried. Believe me it was a long nine months in this house on Mill Lane.

My daughters father actually rented this same house this past winter. He wouldn't admit it to me but my daughter said he got scared a few times. And once as my daughter was rounding the corner into her fathers room where the spirit lines are a black spirit was standing in from of her and she screamed. She never went into that room again and closed the door.

Hope you enjoyed this !

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