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Glamis Castle

Kurt, Nebraska, USA
April 1997

I went to Scotland 1 year ago, near of Tayside and I couldn't resist to take a look into the huge Glamis castle that is known for its numerous ghost legends.

Two of the most prominent stories include the legend of two men who refused to stop playing the day of the sabbat and the devil damned them to play for eternity.

There is also the ghost of Lady Janet Douglas that got burned at the steak for witchcraft, almost 500 years ago.

But the strangest and the more famous thing about the Glamis Castle lies in a awful secret that only the leader of the familly Strathmore know. People are saying the secret goes from father to son. Some people think it is about the "Glamis monster", an unnatural child born with diminutive limbs and no neck that got hidden in a secret room for all his life. This happened in the 1700. Well, the castle got open to the visitors lately, like 5 years ago, and when I visited it I noticed two pieces of evidence that this story might be true: in one of the rooms, I noticed a painting of a crooked young man. I also took a look around the outside of the castle and noticed there was more outer windows then inside the castle, so maybe this can prove the existence of a secret chamber where the child was kept hidden.

I heard a story about some visitors that saw a strange man while visiting the outside of the castle, with a chalky face and black hair, looking by a window inside of the castle...a man with no neck and only hands, devoid of arms...If it's true, his ghost is probably haunting the chamber where he was kept.

Kurt, Nebraska, USA
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