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Glastonbury Tor

Sue Smith, Massachusetts, USA
March 2007

My best friend and I went on a King Authur tour of Glastonbury, England in Aril of 2002. It was a clear day and we went on a small hike to the top of the Tor.
For those who don't know, Glastonbury Tor is considered sacred by the ancient Pagans in the area and is considered by some, an entrance to the underworld.

We spent sometime at the top enjoying the view and listening to the music played in the tower ruin on top of the Tor by the people dressed as what I can only call "hippies" who congregated there.
Our way down the Tor seemed to take a lot longer than it should have. I turned to tell my friend that we had to hurry to reach our tour bus. There was a young girl a few steps behind my friend on the trail down. She had long flowing blonde hair and was wearing a flowing medieval style dress. I assumed she was with the musicians from the top of the Tor. A second later, I heard my friend scream. I turned and she was on the ground. There was no one else anywhere around us. She said she felt two hands push her from behind on her lower back and it caused her to fall. There were no bushes or rocks for anyone to hide behind. There was no way anyone could have run off without our seeing them.
I asked my friend if she had seen the girl she said no but she felt like someone was behind her on the trail. We looked at each other and got out of there as quickly as possible.

Sue Smith, Massachusetts, USA
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