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Glittery Hat Mystery

Nicole, Ohio, USA
June 2001

Hello, this story I'm about to relate to you is the absolute truth. Here it goes...............

My husband, my son and myself were staying with my mother for a while till we saved up some money. My mother was gone out of town for the weekend, it was just the three of us there. Somehow or another my husband and I had gotten in to really heated argument over something stupid I'm sure. My son who was a year old at the time was safely tucked into bed for the night. After twenty or so minutes of arguing I decided enough was enough and went to our room and slammed the door. I heard my husband go into the bathroom to get ready for bed which is directly across from our room. I was laying on the bed sobbing rather loudly trying to make my husband feel guilty so he would apologize. When all of the sudden I heard my closet door creak a little. I turned over to see it standing open about an inch. I really didn't think much of it. Then the door opened more about four inches just enough for me to see something in a glitter type hat staring at me from my cracked closet door. I screamed bloody murder and my husband ran in and stopped in his tracks. By that time I was flying past him, grabbing my sleeping son, and out the door!.

He chased me outside asking me what was wrong? I told him what I had seen and he agreed that he had also seen it to. But to him it looked like a little boy.

To this day I don't know what it was or who it was, or what it was doing in my closet.

I am happy to say I have never seen it again. Thanks for reading.

Nicole, Ohio, USA
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