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Glowing Figures & Loud Noises

Tiffany, CA, USA
April 2003

I know everyone starts out with the disclaimer that their story is completely true, but in fact mine is. I'm still in high school and if that makes my story any less true, then so be it.

Over the summer back a few year my sister, mom, and I moved into this gorgeous two story house. Our friend had owned it earlier and so we felt totally at home in the house. Soon, before we had finished unpacking things, my 13th birthday came up. We decided a sleepover would be really good to have especially since we hadn't put anything in one of the rooms, making it perfect to lay out all the sleeping bags.

The day came and soon my friends and I were having the time of our lives telling ghost stories just to see how scared we could get. It was already dark and we had a huge picture window showing only the street. In the middle of telling another urban legend one of my friends began screaming.

After calming her down we were able to get out of her that she had seen a floating mask outside the window with glowing red eyes. We all dismissed the thought due to the fact that we had been telling ghost stories. The evening went on when suddenly there was a huge crash from the kitchen. It sounded like someone had taken all of the dishes out from the cupboards and dropped them on the floor. Of course we screamed while my mother ran downstairs to find absolutely nothing had been moved in the kitchen, none the less broken. She then told us that it was probably just the refrigerator and went back upstairs. By this time both my friends and I were freaked out.

After a while we calmed down and resumed girl talk. I began to get very tired and happened to be watching one of the balloons sway back and forth. Motion caught my eye and I watched something run into the balloon. The balloon bounced like it had been hit and suddenly popped. I ran over expecting to find a dart or something that had been thrown at the balloon, but there was nothing. Again we dismissed it and moved on. Very soon after we heard a bloodcurdling scream emit from my sisters room. Upon later discovery my mom ran into to find her in hysterics about "the devil laying on her bed and grinning at her evilly." My mom told us that she was probably just seeing things, but in my heart I knew she wasn't and this was just the beginning of what the house and its "occupants" had in store for us.

Within days I began to realize that this house had to have something wrong with it. Things would end up missing and we would often find them out in the backyard. Footsteps could be heard down the hall at night, definite footsteps. Drapes would be pulled and released, and my radio with the motion sensor would go crazy for no apparent reason. That's when both my sister and I began to see things.

One night I was just about to fall asleep when I noticed a lady sitting on the end of my bed. She was dressed in Victorian style nightgown and had long curly hair. She was absolutely beautiful, the only problem was she was not human. She was a bluish color and almost glowed. It really freaked me out so I did the thing any kid would do, put the covers over my head and fell asleep.

Later on I was walking down the stairs and to my complete surprise I saw a kid, the same tint as the lady except he had knickers on, high socks, a bucket with his books in it, and glasses. He seemed to have seen me and ran straight out the front door, but it was closed. My sister also mentioned to me seeing the man figure she had once called the devil quite a bit. Finally we moved out of the house and rented the house out to other people. One of the people who lived in my house happened to be my age and would often confide to me about the going on of the ghosts in the house. Now we are thinking of moving back in and I'm scared to death. I refuse to go back to that house.

Tiffany, CA, USA
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