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Goat Man in the Mirror

Lindsey, TX, USA
November 2019

This happened in 2017, I was in eight grade when this whole incident happened.

My sister wanted me to come over and babysit my niece, it was a long drive out there since they lived outside of the urban area in a country looking neighborhood. Once I arrived I noticed how cold the house was so I immediately turned the heater on and ask the girls if they’re hungry. They were, so I ordered them pizza from the local pizza place.

While waiting, the girls and I went into the attic to play hide n’ seek. I got an extremely weird vibe and felt uncomfortable where I was... It was like someone/thing was watching you pervertedly. I ignored the feeling because I knew the girls would be upset if I didn’t play with them. So, I fought through it. Then, about thirty minutes later we head downstairs since the pizza man delivered the pizza.

We ate and had a good time, but it was time for the one of the girls to sleep, since she was only six. I put her to bed in her room next to the bathroom. (Keep this room in mind ) Now it was just me and the other one. We talked and laughed about school for about an hour, then she decides to take a selfie in the body mirror next to the bathroom and the other girls room. I was playing around and took a picture of her, while she was taking a selfie, but i noticed someone/thing staring at me. I just assumed it was the little girl I put to sleep. But, it wasn’t. I reviewed the picture to see a clear as day picture of some sort of goat figure in the room the little girl was in.. I was terrified. I kept looking at the photo. This thing had grey milky eyes, a goats gruff, and horns. The thing wasn’t tall, I believe it was kneeling.

My niece was wondering what was wrong, but I couldn’t tell her.. She would flip out! I just told her that my phone was glitching, but she then told me “Lindsey, did you see that thing in the mirror?” out of nowhere. I had to tell her since she already knows. I simply said “Yes, I have a photo of it.” I then showed it to her, her mouth dropped. She told me “Mom (my sister) never believed me when I said a man has been walking in this house at night. You need to show her this when she gets home.” She told me more about how it was hiding in her closet during the day, and she could hear the thing breathing like Darth Vader, and how you could hear hooves crash on the tile floor at exactly 2:39am every morning, and also, than you can see a black spirit standing at the top of the stairs.

After this incident, I would only go during the day time and never be alone there. This night made me realized this world isn’t just Humans, plants, and animals. It’s also the others.

Lindsey, TX, USA
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