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Good & Evil

Jeff Luke, Washington, USA
January 1998

The year is 1990 and I had moved to Bellevue Washington. For the first time in three years my family and I felt good about where we lived and we settled in very easily and quickly. About four years after we'd moved in I started to see a strange white figure moving very quickly across our hallway. The first time that I ever saw it I was really frightened and told my Mom all about it. I soon started to see it flash across the hallway quite regularly so I figured that it wasn't there to hurt me and I was no longer afraid of this strange being. One day my Mom and Dad admitted that they'd seen it too. None of us were afraid and we all accepted that it was a good spirit and not there to hurt any of us. We all started to call this spirit "The White Lady".

About one year after I started seeing this White Lady I suddenly started seeing a shadowy black figure walking slowly down the hallway. One night to my horror it came into my room. I was unable to sleep that night and watched in fear as this black shadow came towards me. But suddenly the white lady came in and appeared to take the black shadow away with it!!! After this incident I have never seen the black shadow again. Could the White Lady be our protector? Could she of saved me from something evil? Lately I've seen a small black ghost cat running around now too..............

Jeff Luke, Washington, USA
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