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Goodbye, My Love

Anonymous, CA, USA
August 2015

First things first....this is not a "story." Every word of this is true and if I wanted to babble on about fake nonsense, I assure you I'd do it elsewhere.

In the 6th grade I fell in love with the most amazing person on the surface of this Earth. His name was Kobbey , and anyone who met him immediately fell for his charm, kindness, and selflessness. From the moment we met, we were both head over heels in love with one another. September 19, 2010 was our anniversary.

At first no one ever thought we'd be together for more than 3 months, but 4 years later, we proved them all wrong. Being with him for those wonderful years was more than I could ever ask, and every time we were together my soul sang with absolute bliss. Now juniors, we would often cuddle on the couch and talk about our future together. I remember so vividly how his eyes would light up when he talked about having a house and a family...I would do anything to just see it once more.

On November 5, 2014, Kobbey was walking to his brother's workplace when a woman(who was texting and driving)rammed him from the side at nearly 60 miles an hour....killing him instantly. That day, I was working on a project due next week when his mother called, she was absolutely hysterical and it was difficult to understand her. My mom had her on speaker and that was when I heard the three words that literally knocked the air out of me..." Kobbey is dead!!!", she repeated over and over again. I fell to the floor, finally understanding when people would say, "my world came crashing down". I hit my head on the tile so hard that blood began to run, and my mom rushed me to the same hospital where love was laying cold and lifeless.

I woke up in the E.R with seven stitches, immediately wishing the medication hadn't wore off. Not because of my injury, but because of the absolutely unbearable gash in my heart. The pain was indescribable, like half of my soul had left my body. Then I began to sob, not like those dramatic scenes in the movies, this was pure, raw, 100% pain. I remember gasping for air and my entire body was trembling so much the doctors nearly thought I was having a seizure. I wanted to see him, I HAD to see him. The nurse was trying to hold me down but it was no use. I remember fighting her off, ripping out my I.V in the process. More nurses ran in and 20 minutes later I was sprawled out on the bed with a new I.V and more medication pumping in my blood. But it didn't help the sorrow and heartbreak at all.

That night, I stayed in the hospital with a minor concussion. And even in my state not once did I fall asleep that night. How could I? Knowing that I would have to awake to a world where I wouldn't ever get to tell Kobbey I love him, never will be able to rest my head on his chest, never get married, never have children, never have the future we always talked about. He was gone.

It was probably around one o'clock A.M, I was laying in bed when something completely extraordinary happened. This wasn't a dream, wasn't the medication, and wasn't because of my injury. I was alone in the room(at my request)when the room's atmosphere dramatically changed. I had that feeling in my chest that occurred whenever Kobbey was around, that sensation that feels like taking off on an airplane or when you're in an elevator and it suddenly jolts upward. I promise on my life I could even smell his cologne!! It enveloped me and right then and there I knew he was with me. My body felt strangely warm despite the coldness of the hospital room. I felt completely at peace and my eyes were drooping involuntarily. The last thing I remember was his sweet voice whispering in my ear, "Goodbye My Love....." and to this day, I will never ever forget those words.

He captivated my heart from day one and he took a special place in my heart that no one will ever be able to achieve. That night, I have no doubt in my mind he was with me...saying his final goodbye before taking his place in heaven where he rightfully belongs.

Anonymous, CA, USA
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