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Gramma's Apartment

C. May, Michigan, USA
August 1999

Ihave to start out by saying that this is my aunt's story and I am writing it for her.

My grandmother moved out of her life long house not long after my grandfather died because the house was just too big for one person and her health was started to decline, so she moved into an apartment building especially for seniors.

My two aunts, her daughters, go to visit her on a semi regular basis even though she is three hours away. The past few times that they have gone they have seen odd lights. First there were streaks of yellow light in the apartment going from the floor to the ceiling, they were there for a while then disappeared.

The next odd thing she encountered was on a separate trip. Out in the hall, just outside the apartment there were these little balls of yellow light that were falling from the ceiling, she described them as looking like big snow flakes. When she went inside and the whole apartment was full of them. They were falling from the ceiling and settling on all of the surfaces. My aunt says that she turned to her sister and asked her if she saw them and she said that she did. My aunt then said that the middle of all the little yellow balls changed to blue, although her sister did not see that part. They were not afraid of them, and in fact tried to find out if it was some sort of spirit. Being the nicesister that she is she said out loud "If you are my father hit my sister on the head." Then she tried "If you are anyone that we know, hit my sister on the head." Nothing hit her on the head and eventually like the streaks of light they faded away. But she said that they stayed for quite a long time before disappearing.

She doesn't know if it the spirit is of my grandfather protecting my grandmother or if it is some other sort of energy or spirit, but she would really like to know.

Also I do believe that my grandfather hasn't gone too far, because every now and again we will smell the strong smell of cigar smoke, which he smoked constantly, but that is a story for another time. Thanks for listening.

C. May, Michigan, USA
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