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Grandma, My Guardian Angel

Caroline Camat, California, USA
January 1998

Iknow that there are spirits out there, some good and some bad. My experience is not scary but eerie.

My Grandmother passed away several years ago. But when she was alive, I was her favorite grandchild. My Grandmother had gone to the Philippines with my Grandfather for a vacation. Unfortunately, during their vacation they had gotten into a car accident and passed away. I never got to say good bye. We had their bodies shipped back to the U.S.A. My parents flew up to California for the funeral. When my parents left for the funeral funny things started happening at home (Hawaii). I had 2 brothers and 1 sister in Hawaii. My sister could not attend because she was pregnant at the time and we did not want to upset her. That night my parents left, it was pretty late. Some one was knocking on the outside walls, my sisters' boyfriend went to look out the window, no one was out there. This happened for a couple of days.

At the funeral, the casket that my Grandparents were buried in had a plastic or glass cover over the body, you could see but not touch the body. Several things that were really weird happened.

The first strange thing was that my grandfathers' plastic or glass piece over the coffin had cracked? When I was viewing my Grandmother the day of the funeral. I smelt her perfume.

About, six months later I left California and went back to Hawaii. Here comes the really weird part. One day, when I was working in the mall. I noticed that four customers, one after the other looked like my Grandmother. A Coincidence?, yeah sure............ I brushed it off. I then started seeing things out of the corner of my eye. I thought someone was there, I would turn around expecting to see someone and no one was there. It was my break so I went to get something to eat. I slipped on something on the floor and broke my foot (Don't ask). A couple of days later my mother and I went to this psychic (I never mentioned what I saw right before I broke my foot. Not even to my mother). Actually we were there for her. The woman looked at me and she said "you saw her didn't you?" My responded was "huh?" She said it again. "You saw her didn't you?",

"I saw who?"

She told me that right before something bad would happen to me, that my Grandmother would warn me. I was freaking out! I did not know what to say. The only thing I could say was "why?" She responded with "don't' you know that you grandmother is your guardian angel? Whenever something bad is about to happen she will warn you". She had this smile that freaked me out. My Grandmother appeared again. Right before I broke my leg. That was 3 years ago. I guess I am pretty lucky to have my Grandmother as my Guardian Angel. I miss her though. I have not seen her recently, (knock on wood).

Caroline Camat, California, USA
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