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Grandma's Apartment

Carrie, Arkansas, USA
October 1999

This is not something that happened to me, but my mother told me about it. She had experienced it along with my cousin, who will remain anonymous.

My grandma lives in an apartment complex that houses the elderly. I must say, first off, that the apartment next to her was NOT occupied at the time of these incidents.

From her bathroom, you could hear talking on the other side of the wall. It was very loud, too. My cousin ( to make a long story short ) decided to put a tape recorder in the bathroom to catch these voices. She went in after a few minutes to play the tape back, and sure enough...there were the strange voices. I'm pretty sure that they said that the words were not totally understandable, but they remember someone telling them to get out of there.

My cousin, once again, placed the tape recorder into the bathroom. Only this time....and this is the real kicker....she forgot to push record. She realized this when she went back to get it. She played the tape recorder and it had recorded even though it was not " on ". After playing the tape back, they rewound it to hear it again and try to pick up what the voices were saying, and it had erased itself!

I swear this is true. My mother was there when this happened and has heard the voices first-hand.

Carrie, Arkansas, USA
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