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Grandma's Still Here

Ray, Minnesota, USA
January 1999

My story actually began a few years back after my grandmother had passed away. After the funeral we had the unpleasant chore of dividing up her belongings between all of the relatives. One of the items my parents received was her telephone, not an unusual item, I know, at least that's what we had thought at the time.

My parents had the phone for about one week when it began to ring at exactly 1am every night, we have four other phones in the house, but this was the only one that had been ringing, my mother was the one who had answered it each night as this phone was in my parents bedroom. Each time she'd answer it there was only silence. After two weeks of the same experience, my parents decided that it was probably a problem with the phone, so they disconnected the phone and put it on the kitchen table to dispose of it the next day, but to everyone's surprise that night at exactly 1 am, the phone rang again. It was disconnected!!!

Needless to say my father disposed of the phone that night. We hadn't put much thought into it since, until recently when my Mother had given my wife a fur coat that had also been given to my parents after my grandma's passing. We have been keeping the coat in a closet in our den. Since receiving the coat, my dog barks and growls at the den late at night and my daughter will no longer sleep in her room because she says she's 'scared' (my daughter is only 2 1/2 years old!!!). I'm beginning to wonder if my dog and daughter are picking up on her presence (My grandma), while we are just passing it off.

We are in the process now of trying to figure out what to do with the coat, I'm sure that it'll end up in the garage again and hopefully we'll all get a little better sleep.

Ray, Minnesota, USA
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