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Grandma's Still with Me

Georgia, USA
July 1998

Iwas always very close to my maternal grandmother. She was a very loving person who possessed the gift of showing others how to love as well. I was her first grandchild and while she would never admit it (wouldn't have been fair to the others) I think I had "pride of place" in her heart. In 1986 I was living in Atlanta and expecting my first child. About 6 weeks before he was born my grandmother in another state had a heart attack. While the paramedics were able to get her heart started again she remained in a coma. We knew she would probably never wake up, but she might be alive for a long while.

After my baby was born I was very sad that I couldn't tell her about my new son and that she would never see him. When he was about 2 weeks old I was asleep in bed one morning in the early hours - maybe about 5 or 6 am. I was completely asleep when I sort of woke up and I could hear my grandmother's voice. In an attempt to make sense of a strange situation (and being only half awake) I at first believed I was talking on the phone to her. I heard her call my name a couple of times and then we proceeded to have a mental conversation. She said "How're you doin', honey?" I said "Fine - I had my baby, did you know?" She said she did, and that was nice. Then, starting to realize that she could not possibly be calling me, I said "But Grandma, you've been sick!" and she kind of laughed and said "Yeah, but not anymore, honey". Then I woke up and thought to myself how strange dreams can be.

She died the next day.

In the intervening years there have been small incidents that make me believe she is still watching over her descendents. My sister and I visited a psychic who told us we had a grandmother, passed on, who stayed very close to us, and all her family. She also told us that the grandmother had "planted little seeds in all of us, little seeds that keep growing". This was especially interesting because Grandma had owned a greenhouse/plant business. On another occasion I had been trying to have a second child but was having no luck getting pregnant. 4 years, thousands of dollars and several doctors later I visited the psychic again. During our session I was talking about my grandmother and the woman's eyes began to flutter. She followed something across the room with her eyes and then I felt a bolt of energy hit me, like lightning but not painful. The psychic said "she wants you to keep trying". On my next visit to the doctor the nurse figured out my problem, told the doctor and I was pregnant within the month.

There are other strange things that occasionally happen. I have a cousin (another grandchild of this grandmother) who I haven't kept in good touch with. One day I just wrote her a letter, out of the blue. About a week later I was telecommuting to my office from home (modem and phone line engaged) when for some reason my session ended (and freed the phone line). I was annoyed but about 5 seconds later the phone rang and it was my cousin calling in response to my letter. My annoyance turned to laughter because I knew Grandma wanted me to get that call.

She talks to me in dreams once in a while - I never see her but I hear her. At one time my sister was in a situation which would really upset me. In the middle of a dream I heard a short sentence containing the essence of the problem. I woke up, got some water and immediately forgot about it until my sister called me a week later and confided her problem to me. I then remembered the dream and I was grateful that I'd been "prepared".

There have been other small things - none of which seem very important taken singly but when looked at all together convince me that my grandma still loves me and looks out for me.

Georgia, USA
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