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Grandma Letting Us Know She Was OK

Roni, NY, USA
October 2004

This happened to me, my sister, and my mother when I was a little girl at the age of five.

My Grandma (my mothers mom) had passed away from breast cancer the year before. My mom had been very close with her mother and I knew even at the age of five how hard it was for her. About a year had passed and one night I was put to bed. My parents always left my bedroom door open so I could see the light from the living room. I was laying in bed and I looked up and I remember very distinctly being able to see the outline of someone standing in my doorway. I didn't see anything else. There were no facial features, nothing that would look like any type of distinct clothing...just the outline of a person. Needless to say, being five years old I got freaked out. I started crying and I told my parents when they came in to my room but of course they didn't believe me and told me my "mind was playing tricks on me." They put me in my sisters room on the floor to sleep because I didn't want to be alone.

The next morning I woke up and everything seemed fine. I went out and sat down with my mom at the kitchen table. Eventually my sister came out and the three of us were talking. I started telling them about this dream that I had that night about grandma and how she was in this kitchen looking room that was all white and she was dressed in all white and she was cooking. My mother and sister both looked at me weird. At just about the same time they both said "I had that same dream." Since that day I am convinced the figure that I saw in the doorway was that of my grandma. I like to believe she wanted to make sure I wouldn't be scared and that she just wanted us to know that she was OK.

Roni, NY, USA
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