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Grandmas House

August 2001

I lo-o-o-ve ghost stories, though a lot of times they'll keep me staring at the ceiling to the wee hours of the morning! There are lots of great TV shows out there about ghosts and hauntings, and many make me scream!

Yet, I do not truly believe in ghosts, for I have never seen or heard any real physical evidence.


I have had some, let's say, "unusual" experiences in my life that I have never been able to explain...... Here is one such example:

This happened quite some time ago, I can't remember if I was a teenager or a pre-teen, but I remember it as though it were yesterday.

My grandmother's house is old, maybe 80 years or so, and it always gave me a vague feeling of discomfort.

When we visit, my sister and I always sleep in the basement. It is a wide open space, for it had once been the garage, but many years ago it had been remodeled to be a laundry room and downstairs den(there was also a large pantry/storage room). It was in this room, at night, where we would hear the strangest things before finally falling asleep.

Both of us have heard what we took to be someone descending the stairs to the basement(where we would be). We would turn towards the stairs, thinking it was our uncle coming to get some sodas from the pantry fridge. And there would be nothing there. On other occasions, it would sound like someone was walking across the kitchen floor towards our door, then the footsteps would stop(and no one ever came).

Another time I lay awake for some time, listening to sounds above me that I can only describe as heavy furniture being dragged across the floor! And my mother and grandmother, sleeping on the first floor(where these sounds would be coming from), would never hear a thing.

Yes, I know what you're thinking: old houses creak a lot, and maybe it was just someone(living, not dead!) walking around up there, using the bathroom or something like that. And maybe this was case! Maybe..... But no matter how many times I try to dismiss these incidents, I still get the case of the creeps sleeping down there(even now, in my mid-20s!), and am grateful that my sister is always down there with me!

But then there was one incident that I certainly couldn't explain, and oddly enough, I was never really frightened by it, only intrigued.

Late one night I went upstairs to the bathroom. As I washed my hands, I glanced out the window into the backyard. As I watched, a soft, eerie white light silently flared up within a bush just outside the window. Then, as it faded, in a direct line to the woods at the far edge of the back yard, a similar light appeared and flickered out. Finally, just above the tree line, and far off, a third light. It was all in a sequence. One, two, three. Sleepily, I watched all this in detached interest before returning back downstairs(I tried to tell my sister what I saw, but she dismissed me and fell back asleep).

Someone to whom I told this tale to suggested fireflies. But firefly lights are yellow, these were a ghostly white. Besides, I've never seen fireflies in the dead of night, only in the evening.

What I saw, I may never know. Ghosts stories and the ideas of ghosts give me the creeps, but I will probably never truly believe in them.

Yet I will not deny that I saw unexplained three lights flickering the backyard of my grandmother's house.

And that's my story!

Silly, huh?

Oh, and one more thing: It has been brought to my attention that the previous owner of the house was an elderly lady who went insane, and took up the habit of walking naked around the house... AND in the backyard.... in the middle of the night!


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