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Grandmothers Spirit

Bruce Healey, NSW, Australia
April 1998

Back in 1992 I was in my room studying for my year 10 exams at about 1am, when I saw something move out in the hallway. I stopped writing, turned my head and looked down the hallway and saw this smokey cloud floating in front of me. It was kind of the shape of a person but, it wasn't a definite shape. I just looked at it and I heard a ladies voice say "congratulations on your exams". I was bewildered, and before I could say or do anything it had disappeared. I went in and woke my mother and she told me that she believed that it was my grandmother(my fathers mum). She died when my mum was pregnant with me. When she was dying from cancer, she told my mother that she was having a boy. Earlier that day my parents decided to call me Bruce but, they hadn't told anyone this yet. And when they were at the hospital visiting my grandmother she said that Bruce is a lovely name and that she was glad that they were going to call me that. So I also believe that it washer. Oh and by the way, I later got an A in my exams. I don't know if it was believing what I had heard which had gave me that result but, as far as I am concerned, I think my grandmother was looking over me and guiding me in the right direction.I wish I had the chance to know her and I also wonder if she will ever come back. But whatever happens, I will remember that night for the rest of my life.

Bruce Healey, NSW, Australia
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