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Kelly Smith, West Virginia, USA
October 1998

Idon't know who will believe this or not, and who will read this, but my story is true, it is not of evil ghosts and demons, but of one of the Mercy of God....

One night, my Grandfather passed away, and my mother was extremely upset about it. She was laying on the couch, which is next to a big picture window in our house. She was crying, and all of a sudden, she heard a noise at the window. She looked out the window, and there was a golden bird cage (we don't own any birds) And a grey speckled bird was flapping around trying to get out inside of it. All of a sudden, my mom called out, "DAD?" And the cage door opened and the bird flew out and the whole thing vanished.

The conclusion my mother and I have come up with was that My Grandpa was suffering bad from cancer (What he died of) And his soul was trapped inside his body, which was in so much pain, and when he died, his soul was set free......we think this was a message from God because it instantly calmed my mother and she was able to fall asleep. So all of you non-believers, let this be a message to you that God surely exists and is there to comfort us.

Kelly Smith, West Virginia, USA
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