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Grandpa's Reuinion & Other Stories

Stacy Coman, Virginia, USA
July 2000

My grandpa died about 13 years ago. Little things around my house and my grandma's have lead us to believe that he's still around. A couple years ago my family went to Indiana for a family reunion. It was all of my grandpa's relatives.The day before we left, my mother and I had been cleaning out a kitchen cupboard. While going through some of the papers we found my grandpa's obituary from the newspaper. We put it back and cleaned up the rest of the stuff. We both left the kitchen and went into the other room. My mother went to get a drink and yelled for me to come see something. I got a huge chill when I entered the kitchen and saw the obituary laying face up in the middle of the floor. We both just looked at each other and left the room. When we got to Indiana my mom went to the local graveyard to get photos of our families gravestones for record keeping. My mom had a really advanced camera. When she went to take the first picture the camera stopped working and just made a weird whirring noise. She tried everything to get it to work, but it wouldn't. We left the graveyard and went to a nearby store. My mom picked up her camera, instantly it made some noises and worked perfectly fine.

Back at our hotel room my brother noticed his eagle necklace was missing. We all looked around and couldn't find it. The next morning the necklace was laying in a nearly perfect circle in the middle of the floor.

Some other things that we think his spirit is responsible for around the house are things disappearing and then are in plain view.
When we go on long trips our suitcases and other items seem to disappear and are brought back later. One time my mom was supposed to let my grandma's dog out. She got home and remembered that she was supposed to go to her house. She said it out loud and turned around to find the keys to my grandma's house sitting in the counter. It freaked her out.

Stacy Coman, Virginia, USA
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