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Graveyard on the Hill

Shellie, MA, USA
October 2004

First off, bear with me because I'm trying to remember this as best I can, and I think I have it down pretty well. Enjoy! ^_^

Okay, background info:

When I first moved to my town, it was in 1998, so I was 8 years old. I had to take a bus to school everyday seeing as it was a few miles away. On the ride to school every morning, we would pass a graveyard that was hidden behind some trees, and up on a hill. Being one of the only people on the bus, and not very social, I always noticed it and it intrigued me since I knew it existed. Also, at night when it's very dark in the house I always feel like I'm being watched or something. And I heard a lot of things at night and my animals are always very flustered when walking around my house. At night, I hear things in my room scratching on the wall and thumping from under the floor. Also, my friends are scared to go downstairs at night alone because they hate the feel of my house. It creeps them out, as it does me. I always have all the lights on, even though my dad yells at me. Oh, yes, my house was built in 1860, so it's old.

A few years later (I think it was 2002) I finally went there with a couple of my friends. We just went up to it and looked at the headstones. They were from the 1800's and it was a family plot. We had brought my dog, along also as an excuse to go up there without being questioned (we said we were talking the dog for a walk).

Well, my friends and I, being the 7th graders we were, quickly became bored and continued home. We walked back to my house taking a longer route then we had came up. We came to a large hill and a car was coming so we tried to go to the side of the road, but my dog wouldn't move so I had to pick her up. Once the car had passed, I fell down even though I was standing still; Kind of like someone had hit the back of my knees, or I got a sudden head rush, which I didn't. After I got back up, my friends and I all felt as if we were being followed by something malicious. When we were about go turn back on to my street, we all got a weird feeling and looked around. One of my friends said that she saw a lady walking around in pilgrim like clothes, when there was really no one there. We got back to my house, and didn't think anything of it really.

A couple weeks later, my ex boyfriend and a few of our friends were hanging out and we decided to go to the graveyard. My boyfriend's friend had a pentagram charm on his wallet, which I now have around my neck all the time. When we got there, we yet again just looked around for a little bit, yet longer than the first time I went there. As soon as we got down, we all felt weird besides my friend with the pentagram on. I wasn't a Wiccan at the time, so I didn't think of that as a reason why he wasn't affected. But anyway, we walked back to my house the same way my friends and me had gone before. We were all creeped out and felt something following us, yet again. Also, it was pretty dark and we were walking in the middle of the road, and a car went by so all my friends went to one side and I ended up going on the opposite side. The car was just tall enough so it blocked our view of each other, but my boyfriend kept his eye on me the whole time. He said that he could see through the car and that no one was in it when he was looking. Yet again, when we got back to my house we didn't care to speak of our experiences.

After not going to the graveyard for a few years, one of my friends I met at High School and I went to it. She is very into the paranormal and Wiccan religion. I showed her the graveyard and she said she got a very bad feeling from it. When we walked back, we went back the same way we came. We both had on Pentagrams, and didn't feel anything weird after that, but thought of explanations to the graveyard.

We went again soon after, but this time we left our Pentagrams outside the graveyard, and yet again, nothing happened.

So the next time, we brought my Ouija board and used it. We sat on a stone wall and started talking. We asked it questions that only one of us knew to see if it was valid because we both believe everything to be evil. We were told that one of the women at the graveyard killed herself... In my house, and in my room. I asked if that is what I hear thumping at night and the spirit agreed. The spirit then told us that he killed himself because he was in love with her. He also told us that there is little trinkets underneath a floorboard in my room. Now, my room has a rug, and I had NO CLUE that there were floorboards underneath my rug. And he told us that they were under a floorboard with red speckled on it. Well, we cut up my rug in the corner to see if there was a floorboard, and there was. A green one. And after cutting it up a bit more, we started to see red speckles. I didn't want to cut it all the way up though, because my mom would murder me. We checked the floorboard he had said was loose, and sure enough it was, but it was too long to pull up with the rug cut so short. So we gave up, but asked him if we were on the right track and we were.

Later that day, we went to the public library to do some research on old graveyards in my town, but didn't find anything out at all. We did find a book, but my library didn't have it and since it's a reference book, we couldn't have it sent over. I checked the local book store, and they don't have it either. So our search to see who those people were ended abruptly, but we are still trying to figure something out. Maybe we'll go back and visit soon, and figure something more out. Maybe we won't. Who knows?

I don't know if that was scary, but it is when you experience it. Something to get the hair on the back of your neck to stand up. Thank you, and have a nice day. ^_^

Shellie, MA, USA
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