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Great-granddad's Warning

Jessica, UK
May 2003

This is a story my dad told me about my great grandads death.

My great grandad was in hospital. He was going to die so all of my family went down to see him. He went to sleep and my family went home except my Dad. It was about 3:00am and my Grandad heard a thud but no one was in the house but him, then my great nan was asleep and at the same time she heard my great grandad saying to her "help me Mummy help me" (he use to call her that). They think he was warning them he was going to die.

Later that day he died. All the family were there and gave him a kiss goodbye, but at the same time he died our clock stopped. There was nothing wrong with it and it still doesn't work.

Thanks for reading this.

Jessica, UK
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