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Great Grandma's Slap

South Africa
January 2007

What I am about to tell you really happened.

It happened in the late 1890's to my Great Grandma.

My Grand mom use to tell me the story and I did see pictures of my Great Grandma. My Great Grandma and her family moved into a farmhouse in the Eastern Cape. They decided to have family over for dinner. Those days the daughters in the families had to set the table and help to dish up. My Great Grandma went to the dining room and started to set the places for people to eat. She heard a weird noise behind her and thought it was one of her brothers trying to scare her. She heard the noise again and turned around but did not see anything. She then felt this weird sensation that someone was watching her. She turned around and was slapped across her face. She fell forward causing the plates to fall off the table. My Great Grandma's parents and family came running in to see what was wrong and found her unconscious on the floor. They picked her up and carried her to her room. It was only when her mom started to pat her face with a wet cloth that she saw the red mark of a hand across her forehead. She called my Great Grandma's father and they were stunned by this hand mark. They asked her brothers if they knew anything about this and they all said no. When she regained consciousness she told her parents that she saw and old lady with an angry face looking at her. The rest she cannot remember. They then asked the previous owners if they knew anything and they told them that there once lived a family with three daughters and the Grand mom lived with them. The daughters use to tease their Grand mom a lot and she did not like it at all. She then promised to come back for them when she died.

Unfortunately it was my Great Grandma and not her own grandchildren she slapped.
My Great Gran had a bald spot on her head where the "ghost" had hit her.
Her hair never grew there. The red hand mark was still visible but not that much.

South Africa
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