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Green Eyes

Kim, NSW, Australia
November 2001

It was the summer of 1991. I had just turned 13. Most days during the school holidays me and my best friend, Rochelle, would go to the local pools and hang out with our friends.

One day I asked Rochelle if she'd like to stay the night as then we could walk to the pools together the next morning. She agreed.

That night we stayed up talking girl stuff till late. She was on a mattress on the floor while I was on my bed. We finally called it a night and I feel asleep straight away.

The next morning when we woke up, Rochelle asked me if the cat was inside the night before. I asked her why? She then went on to tell me that as she was trying to go to sleep she had looked under my bed and saw some small green glowing eyes. At first she was frightened but then she saw it blink. Thinking it was my cat she called out to it but it looked away. She then fell asleep. I then told her that my cat had been dead for just under a year.

Well this was forgotten for a while until a couple of months ago. I awoke during the night at about 1am to a tapping noise under my bed. It wasn't a regular. Just a few taps, then nothing, then it would start again. This creeped me out as I thought back to that summer in 91. The next morning I found nothing to explain the noise.

Well a few days after the tapping started I began to experience a few odd things. One night I was blow drying my hair when i felt this vibration from under my floor boards. The funny thing was that I only felt it under my right foot. Then the hair dryer lost all power. I was trying to turn it back on when a lid for my hair straightener flew off the dressing table and behind it. Well I didn't stick around too long after that.

Another thing that happened around the same time was when my boyfriend was over. We were in my bedroom watching TV and were just about to go outside for a cigarette. He put his mobile down on my stool while I put on my shoes. All of a sudden it turned on by itself then locked the keypad and unlocked it. He started freaking out saying "Oh my God! Did you see that?". I just laughed and told him to come on outside.

I know. Not too scary or anything...but I'm just waiting for something horrible to happen like both my younger brother and sister have experienced. They have both felt pressure on them and couldn't move. My sister could actually feel breathing in her ear. She was definitely awake as she remembers clenching her teeth to make sure she was awake. Gives me shivers up my spine to even think about this.

Anyways, thanks for reading...sorry it was so long :o)

Kim, NSW, Australia
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