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Green Lights

Will Collins, Kentucky, USA
November 2001

My grandma is 78 years old and lives at home by herself since her husband passed away a few years ago. I lived with her for quite sometime after my grandfather passed away.

Her house was built sometime in the 1950's by my grandfather out of old barn wood. There are 7 rooms in the house. During the time that I stayed with her I slept in the living room. I have never really been comfortable in the house at night.

The first night I stayed I felt extremely hot and I breathed heavily. I heard strange noises coming from the "back room" and scratching on the wall. I was scared to death, I tried to remain calm and go to sleep but I finally jumped in bed with my grandma and finally sleep overtook my fear.

I got used to sleeping there and started staying up into the early hours of the morning watching TV before retiring to sleep for a few hours.

On this one particular night I had turned off the television at around eleven and had closed my eyes to try to sleep. I could feel myself drifting off, and then I heard the static of a television. I opened my eyes quickly then I heard the sound of the television come in. I looked up and it was not the one in the living room but my television from home in the back room. I could make out voices coming from the televisions speakers (cable was not hooked up to the TV, it picked up no stations at all, it was for the sole use of video games) and I started to panic. I ran in the other room to wake my grandma because I didn't want to go in there alone to turn it off. She got out of bed and the television was still on and as we walked into the living room the television suddenly went off. I went in the back room and unplugged it and went to sleep for the rest of the night.

I know that was a little long just to tell about a TV coming on and going off but the voices was what scared me. I could not make out any English words because the static drowned out most of it but I'm not sure if a spirit was trying to tell me something or what, but it was definitely unnerving for me. That was my only experience in the house, but my grandma has had others.

Before I moved in with her and while her husband was still living she would awake at night to the sound of a baby crying. And at the time all of her children were adults and moved out and the only people there were her and her husband.

Her daughter that used to live their had her first two children pass away a few days after their birth. It could possibly have been the ghosts of her dead children weeping because they had no chance to experience their lives.

Another experience that my grandmother had, I belive, after her husband passed away and while I was not staying with her at the time. She was lying in bed awake one night when she saw a green glow coming from the corner of her room. She looked up and noticed that there were unusual green lights floating in the corner. She says the lights did not frighten her and after a while they just disappeared my dad believes it was a good spirit.

If anyone knows and can give me any information about similar events or what the green lights were will you please e-mail me.

I have been curious for quite some time now.

Thank you.

Will Collins, Kentucky, USA
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