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Green Men

July 2004

This is an experience that happened to my family while we were stationed at Ft. Benning, GA. We had just arrived at the base and had to find off post housing until a house on post would open up. We found some townhouses right outside of the base that were not to expensive. They were older homes, probably built in the 40's or 50's. It was a small 2 story unit with 2 bedrooms on the top level and the kitchen/dining room, bathroom, and living room on the lower level. Now my wife has always been sensitive to things. Over the years I have learned to listen to her hunches. She has even been told by some psychics that she should try to build on her ability to reach the other side. Myself, I have need to see it to believe it.

Anyway back to the story, when we moved into the townhouse, we; myself, my wife, and our son always felt not quite right in the house. We always had the feeling that somebody was right behind us, those chills that you get on your back. Now I am 6ft 1" and about 250 pounds, in really good shape (all those days in the ARMY), and I even got those feelings in this house.

The first unnatural thing happened about a week after we moved in.
It was about 9:00 at night and we were trying to get our 4 year old to come upstairs to get into bed. Of course being a 4 year old, he had to throw a fit. I told my wife that we should just go up the stairs and turn off all the lights on the lower level and just leave the light on in the stairway. Now this was a stairway that you could see through down to the lower level. Our son just sat there and watched us walk up the stairs. Of course we were not going to leave him down there, just using a scare tactic to get him moving. I took my eyes off of him for just a second before I heard him scream bloody murder. My wife and I turned around and saw my son racing upstairs screaming that they were biting him. Once he got to us, my wife and I took him into our bedroom and got him calmed down. Once he was able to talk he told us that he saw green men and when he was running they bit him on his back. We looked at his back and there were round red marks on it. I looked around the house but found nothing.

After that, my son would never sleep in his own room. He always said that he could hear the green men in the closet.

Each morning before I left for physical training, I would notice that the closet door in his room would be open a hair. I know that the night before that it was closed.

Luckily we only spent 3 months at that townhouse. I had to pay the last 3 months of rent to get out of the contract, but I felt that it was worth it. Being a parent, I would give my life for my children. But, how do you keep your children safe from things like these green men?.

While I was stationed at the base I also heard other stories of the green men. Most frightening was that these stories happened in the day care facilities.

Now my son has had other experiences but that will have to wait for later.

Thank you

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