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Guardian Angel (5)

September 2002

This story is true, I will swear to it until the day I go six feet under and cross over to the other side.

My parents were divorced and I was living in Idaho with my father. I was taking a bus ride back to Iowa to visit my mother, stepfather, and sister.

My father had just seen me to my bus, helped me stow my luggage, and given me a hug goodbye. At the time I was eleven years old and very insecure about going such a long distance by myself.

I had just found and taken my seat as the bus was pulling away from the station when the person in the next seat started talking with me. Turns out she was going the same route I was with the same connections and stop-overs. She introduced herself as 'Sally' from a burb outside of New York. She was pale skinned, dark haired, and about five foot five inches tall. She seemed friendly enough and so we talked the entire way back to Iowa.

Throughout the entire ordeal she comforted me and kept me company, often letting me put my head in her lap to go to sleep.

As the end of our journey neared, and the bus was pulling into the station in Iowa, I saw my family waiting on the side walk where the bus was to stop. I was the first person off the bus and was getting a hug from my mother when I saw 'Sally' walk off the bus, and give me a smile, a wink, and walk into the bus station. I told my mom she had to meet this girl who helped me out on the trip back but when we walked into the station, which was a one room place, she was nowhere in sight. I asked the lady at the counter if someone matching 'Sallys' description had walked in in the last few minutes and she said no one had walked in at all. To the left of the desk was a group of pay phones which were all empty, and to the right was a mens and womens bathroom. A lady was coming out of the bathroom door so I asked her if anyone else was in the bathroom with her, then described 'Sally' to her. She replied that no one was in the bathroom and walked away.

There were no other exits or entrances to the station with the exception of the one front entrance. 'Sally' had just disappeared.

Later, I looked at a detailed map of the New York area and the burb 'Sally' said she was from did not exist. I am fully convinced that I was watched over on my bus trip by a guardian angel, and no one will ever convince me otherwise.

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