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Guardian Spirit

BGOS, NSW, Australia
January 2005

I can remember some paranormal visits from when I was a child but they lessened as I grew older. Later when my first child was born things started happening, in fact I remember having hallucinations - seeing lights and things climbing out of my walls while pregnant. When my daughter was toddling I started really seeing things.

It started with seeing my daughter walk past a doorway when she was supposed to be in bed, she was heading back towards her room and I knew I hadn't seen her go past in the other direction. I jumped up and ran to see what she was up to, entering the hall to find it empty. There was no way she could have gotten to her room before I got to the hall, there was no sound of running on the wooden floors. I entered her room to find her fast asleep, but hanging upside down out of bed with the sheet being the only thing keeping her from falling head first onto the hard floor. I caught her as the sheet slipped.

After that I saw and heard the doppleganger several times, each time I found my daughter in a life-threatening situation. We moved houses to a house across the road from my childhood home and I saw the child one more time there. In that house things intensified - I started feeling a presence and soon learned that when I felt it to check the kids or the house - something would always be wrong.

One night I woke to find a man standing in my room, all I saw was his silhouette, I was half asleep and went to roll over when I suddenly realised what I saw. I jumped up to check the house and again found my daughter hanging headfirst out of bed.

One week after being woken several times a night and not finding anything wrong, I felt the presence enter my room, I was tired and ignored it. Then the bed started shaking, I wondered what would happen if I ignored it again, next thing I felt pressure across my legs. I said out loud "OK, I'm getting up". The pressure went. I heard noises throughout the house. I got up and checked the house finding that the backdoor was wide open even though it had be checked by us before we went to bed. Later that day my neighbour told me that she had been broken into sometime during the night. Neither of us trusted our across the road neighbours who were in fact relations of the owners of the house I was in and I did wonder whether they had a key, we ended up putting a slide lock on the door and never found it opened again. But did find evidence of attempted breakins.

We have since moved and yes I still get visits when there is something wrong.

BGOS, NSW, Australia
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