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Guy Fawkes Ghost & His Black Cat

Grace, UK
December 2005

Before this experience I had never encountered a ghost or anything paranormal in my life.

It was this time 5 years ago I was 13 we lived in a 4 level house in Torquay, Devon it was on a street called Shelley Avenue. It was a modern house maybe only 40-50 years old at the time maybe less and I would have never expected it to be haunted but then again... I don't know what existed here before the house was built.

It was November 5th 2004 and I was trying to see the fireworks from the comfort of my bedroom. As it was far too cold to go outside. My bedroom was at the front of the house and I was disappointed that I could only see flashes and maybe a glimpse of a small firework or two. I could hear the biggest bangs coming from the back of the house and I decided to go into my sister's room and see them. I was a bit scared because I was the only one in the house at the time; my family had gone to the local pub to see the firework display. I turned the lights off so I wouldn't get any glare on the window and clambered over my sister's bed to the window.

Watching for 5 minutes or so I wasn't getting bored and still watching but that is when I felt as if thought someone was watching me from the open doorway. I pushed it to the back of my mind and continued to watch. Then a minute later I felt someone touch the back of my neck I literally thought it was my dad and swung around to see if he was there but... no-one I stared for a while deep in thought when the door started to swing just a little bit making the usual creaky noise it made, this scared me so much ran out the room down the stairs and into the living room where I put MTV on full blast. Whilst in the living room I heard many footsteps in my sister's room which was directly above the living room, there were countless footsteps and about 3 large bangs. The only culprit was my dog who was asleep in the kitchen I could hear her snoring. I had had enough and rang my dad to come home but there was no answer so I walked in the freezing night to my friend Charlotte's house.

I had witnessed some more "paranormal activity" in that house but none where as scary as the one I just told you.

This only happened to me and it happened often but every now and then I would catch a glimpse of a cat in the corner of my eye. I had seen this cat many times I assumed he was a male and I could tell when I saw him he was a short-haired black cat like a witches cat. I named him Charlie and became fond of his visits even if they were short. I would see him sat on the kitchen table or running out a doorway or sometimes I would catch him sunbathing on our driveway when I looked maybe a couple of seconds later he was gone.

The last of my stories is about the small room at the back of our house next to my sister's it was cold and smelled of damp. But unusually had a dry atmosphere there was nothing in there except on old bureau containing old books, and black bin bags full of old clothes. It was originally going to be a computer room but we all decided if the computer was going in there none of us would use it. Also in this room you started to become really itchy so bad at one point you wouldn't be able to stay in there for very long. It also attracted many flys sometimes there would be about 3 clinging to the outside window desperately trying to get in what was weird about this was that it was during the winter and I don't know about you but I don't see many flys in the winter. Although we never saw a ghostly figure or heard anything it always seemed there was someone or something in there.

We moved out in 2000 although not a lot happened in that house I wouldn't be surprised if the current owners have had many experiences as well.

Grace, UK
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