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H - Town Horror

Shannon Young, Illinois, USA
January 1998

What's up, my name is Shannon, for years I considered myself a very paranormally prone person. I have encountered a plethora of UFO's, but never a ghost.....until......Lets go from the beginning, from the title you heard the name H -Town, well, I live in Mound City, theres a little country road called Hudsonville Road,where I REALLY live.

In school,everyone's got a nickname for their home, like MCT's, C -Town, and my road, H-Town. It started out as a gag because of an event that put it in everyone's mind. My boyfriend Jeff was over at my house one time along with my other friend Josh,it was time to take Josh home and me and Jeff went along. Now on Hudsonville Rd. theres an old house down the road on our way to Josh's house. On our way to Josh's house we decided to stop and go in because my dad dared us. Of course we went armed, I had a sword, my friend Jeff had a rifle, and Josh had a pistol. We went in armed because recently a man had slashed 2 peoples throats in MC, and he was on the run and I didn't feel like dying. Anyway,before we got in, my dad flashed his lights. All of a sudden lights in the old building flashed. We looked at each other but went in anyway, stuff all over the wall (Blood???), dead dogs on the floor, writing all over the wall saying "I'll be back" and "Die bitch" .We were freaked,but Jeff was high and I was just so crazy I didn't care. We walked in farther and started to hear chanting, and this real deep voice and laughter. We were really scared then so we decided to leave, but the house was confusing so we had to look around, well Josh opened up one door and there was a black man with a knife in the corner, or so we thought, we took off. Jeff shot the thing once and we ran, as I was running over a ditch a hand grabbed my leg from the ground, I chopped it with my knife and got in the car, we drove off and took him home. On our way back we saw hooded figures by the house, we got home and Jeff and me started to walk to his house, we saw hooded figures in the trees and decided to stay at my house.The house was known for devil worshippers, when we got in my house my mom said they found the guy who slashed those people in the abandoned house down the street, I couldn't believe it, they said he was hurt when they found him. But it amazed me that no one saw the blood or dead animals, we went back the next night and it was all there again. Jeff revealed stories about how he owned the place before, and he used to see demons in his room, he did live there but I didn't know if it was true because I don't believe in it, but what happened scared me to death.That Halloween, the house burned down......

Shannon Young, Illinois, USA
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