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Heather, TX, USA
April 2005

This story happened when I was all of 5 years old, this story always comes up in my family when we talk about weird or strange things that have happened. Now personally I don't remember this (on the account that I was to young) but my grandparents are the ones who have always sworn what they heard and saw was true.

From my grandparents account, I had just turned 5, it was only a month after my birthday and I had not been sleeping well. I had been waking up in the middle of the night and walking into my grandparents room waking up my grandma. Every time she asked me what was wrong all I'd ever tell her is the the bad man in my room wont let me sleep. Thinking that all it was was a reoccurring nightmare, she'd let me lay down with them until I fell asleep, then she'd move me back to my room. Well, this went on for about a week, and the same routine. Until one night I came into the room but this time I was crying and more upset than usual. My grandmother comforted me, and then asked me what made me cry?. When I told her that the bad man had hurt me she didn't know what to think! She put me into the bed with my grandpa and went to go look in my room. As soon as she opened the door out of nowhere one of my books flew at her and the door slammed in her face. Now my grandmother, being a women of reason, kind of disregarded the incident, but needless to say she didn't sleep so well that night.

The next morning my grandma tried telling my grandpa what happened the night before (knowing that he can sleep through anything), but being a skeptic all he could say was, "Aye, Veija (old women) it was just your imagination" and that I had just had a nightmare like the other nights. So when I got home from school my grandmother told my grandfather to come, listen and look. When she again asked me what happened I said that the bad man in my room tried to hurt me and that he doesn't like it when I sleep in there. Then my grandpa asked where he tried to hurt me and I told him he tried to push on me. Then my grandma told him to look, and she pulled up my shirt and on my stomach and chest side by side were hand prints. They looked like they had been burnt on my skin and bruised all around the hand prints, showing that someone or something had been using a good amount of strength and had been trying to crush me. Needless to say my grandpa believed after that. We ended up moving out of there fairly fast.

This story was an account told to me by my grandparents whom I lived with since I was born. Although I don't remember, I have no doubt that this actually happened. Because even to this day I hear and see things that have no logical meaning behind them. I can simply guess that this was my first encounter! All I can say is listen to your children when they say that they see or hear things out of the normal!

Thanks for reading my story.

Heather, TX, USA
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