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Happy Birthday Todd

Amelia, TX, USA
October 2003

I am so lucky to have friends that like sharing paranormal experiences. That openness has allowed me to realize the experiences I had, when very young, were not nightmares or dreams as my parents convinced me they were. It has also tuned in my receptors to the spirit world around me.

Through discussions about spirits with my own daughters, I have discovered they also have experienced contact. However, they were hesitant to tell anyone just like I did when very young. I understand now why some individuals stories state they didn't talk about it until later in life or after they moved out of the residence. The following experience happened to my youngest daughter at age fifteen, two years ago.

In early March, 2001, I was in Galveston, Texas, at the University of Texas Medical Branch hospital. My brother was recovering from cancer surgery. My girls wanted to come up for Spring Break, March 13-17, and my Aunt agreed to let us stay in her vacant house three blocks from the beach. The girls were excited because they were going to be near the water, although it was still fairly cool. As luck would have it, the weather turned very nasty. By Tuesday night it was raining hard with strong winds. It was very frightening to us, out-of-towners! The house was furnished except for bedroom furniture. Utilities were all still connected so it was warm and cozy.

My sister-in-law was staying with the girls that Tuesday night and would relief me at the hospital in the morning. Kim & Angie were sleeping on the airbed in the livingroom. Kim went to bed early and woke up later to play cards with her sister until midnight. At that time they decided to go to sleep because the lights had started flickering and banging could be heard outside the window. Kim was just dozing off when she heard voices. The room seemed to be full of people talking but she couldn't understand what they were saying. All of a sudden, very clearly, she heard voices singing, "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Todd, Happy Birthday to you." In her head she was wondering why they didn't say 'dear Todd' as appropriate in the song. To her amazement she heard herself say, "He died in a car accident, didn't he?" She doesn't know to whom she was speaking but a female voice replied,"Yes, and he doesn't know it." Right after the voice spoke, Kim got a mental picture of a young boy between 8-9 years old in what seemed like a school picture with a blue background. She noticed that his face was not a normal face. He appeared to be wearing a flesh mask like burn victims wear for severe facial burns. She felt her eyes well up with tears of compassion. At this time, in her dream (?), she woke up and looked toward the dining room. There standing in the doorway was the young boy. She knew it was him although all she could see was the silhouette of the body. She felt her spirit leave her body and she flew toward the boy at a high rate of speed. When she reached him it caused such a jolt it woke her up but she was paralyzed. She tried to call her sister but couldn't move or talk. After a few seconds she was released. Her eyes searched the room for any signs of what had happened. She felt such sadness and cried herself to sleep.

This is very interesting because the Shriners Children's Burn Center is on 9th Street, six blocks away. Was Todd an actual child who died as a result of burns in a car crash? Kim seems to be sensitive to spirits and has had other experiences since very young. I was not aware of any of this until she started sharing them with me. Knowing that I believe in spirits has made it easier for her to talk about them. They are also attracted to my other daughter and older son. I know this story is not earth shattering but the veil between dimensions is becoming thinner and I feel we are given glimpses of the other side. Thank you for allowing us to share our stories and in doing so validates our beliefs. My Uncle died in this house a year earlier and that same night my Sister-In-Law heard footsteps coming from his bedroom in the early morning. She thought it was me and called my name but received no answer. I stayed home that night and went into his bedroom, told him who we were and why we were there. We did not experience further footsteps but did see movement from our peripheral vision and my oldest daughter saw flashes of light at night time.

Again, thank you.


Amelia, TX, USA
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