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Haunted Apartment (3)

Gina, Illinois, USA
May 2004

Back in 1986 my mom lived in an apartment complex with my dad, my brother, and my two sisters. My mother never believed in ghosts around that time because she never had any experiences, until one Saturday night....

She was sitting in her favorite chair watching Saturday Night Live. The kids were asleep and so was my dad. My mom was the only one up. She was very involved watching the show. All of a sudden my mom had this weird feeling to look toward the hallway. My mom looked toward the hallway and to her surprise she saw a man. His back was facing her. He was dressed in a white T-shirt, new jeans, he was wearing black boots, and his hair was pulled back into a ponytail. The right side of his body was faded out. He walked down the hallway and just disappeared. That's when my mom knew that she saw a ghost. My mother was shocked, she just sat there. Then she got up enough courage to go into her room to wake up my dad. My dad didn't believe her because he didn't believe in ghosts.

Another experience happened when she was in the bathroom. She was washing her face one morning. She felt something brush up against her she thought it was one of the kids so she said "please hand me a towel." No one answered so she turned around and no one was in there. After she got done washing her face she went out of the bathroom and she went into the kitchen. She asked my dad if anyone went into the bathroom he said no. Then she asked the kids if they went into the bathroom and they didn't either.

One morning my mom and dad were cooking breakfast. Then all of a sudden they smelt lavender perfume. No one was wearing any. It was very strong.

Sometimes when my dad would go to sleep my dad said that he had this feeling like something evil was watching him. He didn't feel comfortable in his own bedroom.

Sometimes when everybody was in the livingroom watching TV the bedroom door would shut on it's own. The windows wasn't open either.

It wasn't just our apartment that was haunted it was other people's apartment too. They had some weird experiences also.

Around that time my mom and dad had enough of it and they decided to look for a new place. They moved out of that apartment and they moved into a house. They never seen anything after that.

Thank you for reading my story!

Gina, Illinois, USA
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